Albion Fit Summer

We've been spending more and more time at the beach lately as the weather has warmed up and it's been so fun to be at our happy place.  The best part is that the water has even been warm enough to swim in.  Capri and I jumped right into the water together and besides my hat blowing off into the water somewhere, we had so much fun chasing those waves.  I always love wearing a swimsuit that I can run around and play with my kids easy, so this new one from Albion Fit is so ideal.  Not only is this clementine pattern my favorite ever, but the criss-cross back of the top and the comfortable high-waisted bottoms are just a winning combo.  You don't have to worry about adjusting the top when you are swimming or worried about anything hanging out where it shouldn't if you know what I mean.  And because I love so many pieces in their new swim collection, I have an awesome discount code for all of you to get something cute for the summer too!  Use code WESTCOAST15 to get 15% off your order through July 2nd.  Happy first day of summer and thanks for stopping by!  

swimsuit - c/o albion fit | hat - j.crew [similar] | sunglasses - karen walker | lips - maybelline neon red | bag - nordstrom | bracelets - j.crew and here | capri's swimsuit - minnow swim

Arugula, Pear & Blue Cheese Salad with Warm Vinaigrette

I always love making salads and adding them to any meal, but sometimes it's hard to come up with a new recipe that goes away from your regular routine.  So today I have a delicious new recipe to add to your summer menu and I think you'll love it!  The dressing is so light and refreshing and all of the flavors were incredible together.  You know how I always love to add a lot of toppings so I when made this for our friends last Sunday, I added toasted slivered almonds, crispy bacon, and sliced avocado.  They were perfect additions and made the salad a little more filling.  We served it with flank steak on the side which I would highly recommend as well because who doesn't love that?!  So give this recipe a try over the weekend and let me know what you think.

pear and arugula salad recipe


2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/2 teaspoon honey

4 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper

4 large handfuls arugula [about 12 ounces]

1 barely ripe pear, cored and sliced thin

3 ounces soft blue cheese



Whisk together the balsamic vinegar, mustard, and honey in a small saucepan over low heat.  Gradually pour in the olive oil, and continue whisking until the dressing has emulsified.  Season with salt and pepper.

Divide the arugula between plates.  Top with the sliced pear and blue cheese, then drizzle with warm vinaigrette.

[you can also add toasted slivered almonds, avocado, and crispy bacon which are all amazing on it as well]

Kickoff to Summer with IZZE

This week officially marks the beginning of Summer and we are so excited!!  As a little girl this was always my favorite season.  Maybe it was because it meant that we had a break from school, but I think it was mainly the warm weather, long days, vacations with my family, popsicles, BBQs, tan-lines, baseball games, homemade ice cream, shaved ice, water fights, and pool parties.  These are all some of the best parts of my childhood and I want to create all of that for my kids as well.  We have been spending most all of our time at the beach or pool since the warm weather finally decided to show up here and it's been the best.  We had a family beach day over the weekend when Adam could come with us so we packed up a picnic and our favorite sparkling IZZE drinks that they sent us to try and it was so fun.  We played croquet and got to fly our kite for the first time and it actually flew you guys!  It's the one time you appreciate the breeze at the beach because it flew the kite amazing and Capri ran around just doing it all by herself.  I was so proud of her!  I can't wait for more summer days like this ahead. 

izze drinks - c/o izze | striped straws - amazon | blanket - serena & lily [similar] | hat - j.crew sold out [similar] | sunglasses - karen walker | white shirt - j.crew [love this one too] | orange pants - j.crew | bracelets - j.crew | earrings - nordstrom | lips - maybelline neon red | croquet set - sunny life | kite - sunny life | capri's swimsuit - janie & jack | liam's tank - old navy | liam's swimsuit - gap

izze summer kickoff party

The Ultimate BUBBA Burger Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BUBBA Burger. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s finally that time of year where the sun stays out a little longer to party and grilling in the backyard is the place to be.  One of our favorite things is having friends over for a BBQ with some good burgers.  So with Father’s Day coming up I’ve been thinking about what to make the husband on his special day.  The first thing that comes to mind is a killer burger because what guy doesn’t love a big delicious burger with a soda on the side?!  So I was really excited when our friends at BUBBA Burger invited us to try their gourmet product and come up with my own burger recipe.  I love that they sell their products at the local grocery store because it was so convenient to pick up and just put them on the grill when you’re ready to serve.  And let me tell you guys, I was blown away by this patty!!  They taste amazing and turned out perfectly juicy.  I couldn’t believe we were able to get such a gourmet burger at the grocery store that tasted like one we would pay a lot of money for at a restaurant.  We tried the sweet onion burgers as well as the all natural and I loved them both.  The burgers are made with premium beef without MSG, soy, nitrates or nitrites, and are gluten free.  I really like how the burgers come in a nice big size so you don’t have to double up the patties.  They also have lots of other flavors that I can’t wait to try.  So I put together my ultimate burger recipe using the sweet onion patty for you guys below.  It would make the best meal to serve for Father’s Day and your guy would be so impressed. 


-toasted brioche bun

-sweet onion BUBBA BURGER patty

-cheddar cheese melted on top of patty

-crispy bacon strips

-butter leaf lettuce

-sliced heirloom garden tomato

-grilled yellow onion [sautéed with butter & little brown sugar]

-sliced avocado

-Secret Sauce [mayo, ketchup, and a touch of barbecue sauce]

ultimate backyard burger recipe

So now I want all of you to come up with your own burger recipe using one of the BUBBA Burger products and share it with me on my Facebook or Instagram.  And also let me know which product is your favorite!  Can’t wait to hear what you come up with.  Happy grilling!!

What's In My Beauty Bag

It's the end of another month, so that means a new edition of What's In My Beauty Bag where I share all of my favorite and must-have products that I have discovered that month - and some I've even been using for so much longer!  These are my tried and true beauty items that I would recommend to all my friends.  Because friends share all the best finds with each other right??!  I hope this helps you find something that you're looking for or discover something new that will be just what you needed.  Hope you have a great week!

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1 |   PMD PERSONAL MICRODERM - I have posted about this product before, a long time ago but I kind of just got back into it and I remembered why I love it so much.  It is such a great tool on hand to give yourself a spa-like facial at home and drastically improve your skin.  I think it's the best exfoliation tool

2 |   T3 MICRO LUXE DRYER - ok you guys this is the best dryer out there! I have heard about how great the T3 products are so I finally got one of these as a gift from my cute mom and I have loved it.  My hair takes forever to blow dry and this one has saved me so much time and my hair comes out so much smoother. I think it's worth every penny

3 |   DERMALOGICA SUNSCREEN - you've all heard my love for any dermalogica products so it's a no brainer to use their sunscreen too.  I won't put just anything on my face because there are so many products out there that are greasy and will clog your pores, but this is the best formula that goes on like a light lotion and will stay all day protecting your skin without a oily feeling.  Must-have for summer!

4 |  ITS A TEN LEAVE IN SPRAY - I have used this stuff for so long and can't believe I am finally just sharing it.  It is the best leave-in conditioner that actually helps to detangle your hair and it acts as a protectant from putting heat on your hair as well.  So it's just everything you need wrapped up into one bottle and your hair will love you for it

5 |   YSL OIL-IN-STICK LIPSTICK - this lipstick is definitely one of my more expensive ones, but I kind of fell in love with it because of how amazing it feels.  I have a couple colors in this same stick and I love that it goes on like a chapstick and keeps your lips so moisturized, but yet it's a lipstick in really great colors that totally elevates your everyday style.  

6 |   BEADED BALL EARRINGS - big earrings are the statement trend of the season and these are just about my favorite!  I love this cute peach color and how they look so summery.  They are the perfect finishing touch to dress up a casual look or to glam up a summer dress

7 |   KILLIN IT MAKEUP POUCH - I saw this cute bag and was like OMG that's so dang cute.  How perfect would this be to throw your makeup in for the day and take it from your purse to the gym to your diaper bag or as a little clutch on date-night.  I think the colors are perfect for the season

8 |   BARE MINERALS BLUSH - this cute blush color has been my go-to lately because it's light and looks so fresh with nude makeup or a brighter lip to match.  I love any bare minerals products and this blush is no exception, it even gives your skin a little shimmer to it and looks great with a tan - what's to complain about that?!

9 |   GOLD-PLATED HINGE BRACELET - this beautiful bangle is on sale right now and it hasn't left my wrist ever since I got it.  It's my favorite because of it's simple design yet it's just the right amount of shine to any outfit

10 |   WATERMELON COIN PURSE - ok how adorable is this little bag??!  I love the idea of a little change bag to keep your money stash easy accessible in your purse for those meters at the beach parking lot or getting a shaved ice or a drink at the gas station.  It even would be perfect for your lipstick

11 |   ANASTASIA BROW WIZ - this is my favorite brow pen ever and I have tried a few.  I love how easy and effortlessly this goes on and the color selections are just right.  I promise if you try this out you will love it and be thanking me for your best brows ever

12 |   BARE MINERALS BLOOMING BLUSH BRUSH - this is the blush brush I love and use to go along with the blush I linked up above.  I love how it is angled to help you apply your blush easy and in just the right spot along the apples of your cheeks.  All of bare minerals brushes are so soft and give your makeup flawless application

13 |   TWINKLE EYEBROW RAZOR - this is the hidden gem of the whole post because no one ever talks about this, but everyone I have recommended this to is blown away.  These little razors are life changing and are so cheap it's amazing.  When I learned that everyone has hair on their face, [even if you don't wax your lip or your eyebrows and think you're in the clear] I was so surprised.  I couldn't believe how many women shave their face to not only help exfoliate but to also give a more flawless makeup application.  So that's where these come in.  They are a tiny razor that you can run across your cheeks, jawline, upperlip, and around your eyebrows.  You will be so surprised how much smoother your skin is without any peach fuzz!  And if you are someone that grows any whiskers or has any hair patches [totally normal] then this is such a quick fix to take care of these problems rather than having to wait to get a wax or saving up for laser hair removal.  So just order a few and give them a try and I think you'll love how smooth your face feels and how much better your makeup goes on

Planning Your Memorial Day Weekend Party

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope you are having a great day celebrating with your friends and family.  We have been loving this long weekend, I wish every weekend was four days.  There are so many great sales going on right now just in time to get you ready for summer so I have put the codes here as well as linked all my favorites for the season below.

JCREW - 30% off with code 'SWEET'

NORDSTROM - up to 40% off on all sale items

SERENA & LILY - 20% off with code 'AMAZING'

WORLD MARKET - extra 15% off & free shipping with code 'MAYSAVE'

POTTERY BARN - 25% off & free shipping with code 'SAVEMORE'


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