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Running Gear Must Haves


This last year I ran my third marathon and I'm not sure if it was my last or not.  I've always had a love for running, ever since my Dad got me into it in junior high when I would go on his early runs with him and it became one of our favorite things to do together.  We even had our own running route that we always took.  I then got it into my head that I was going to run a full marathon after I ran a half and it just left me wanting more.  But this last race was different, it took a toll on my body after just having had a baby and my knees are telling me I'm getting older.  However, I love training for things and love having a goal to work towards so I plan on doing another half marathon this year and a triathlon as well.  So I have put together my running must-haves that I need for race day.

1.  a good top is key and the reason why I like this one is because it has built in chest support to fit snuggly around your sports bra, it's loose around the waist so you can breath, and it fits longer for more coverage.

2.  i use a small workout bag on the day of a race to put all my essentials in like chapstick, sunscreen, water bottle, and extra Gu packs then I put my jacket in when the race starts and turn in the bag to be picked up at the finish line.  It's great when you need something smaller than a big duffle bag.

3.  gloves are a great idea because the mornings are cold.  Even when I ran the Dana Point Turkey Trot this year and everyone ran in tank tops, my hands were freezing and that really made it hard for my body to stay heated and warmed up. I was really wishing a had my gloves, but good thing I didn't pull a muscle;) 

4.  i love hats, but the reason why I love running in one is because glasses tend to bug me when I'm running - especially long distances, but I really want the sun out of my eyes and to keep my face covered so a hat is a must have.  Plus those early mornings require bed-head coverage.

5.  never underestimate a quality running sock.  I used to think they weren't worth the money, but after countless blisters and bleeding toes I have come to loving these.  They give support in all the right places and are breathable and light so they don't feel stuffy in your shoe.  Oh and they don't show in your shoe which I love. 

6.  jackets are something I think you can never have too many of because they all serve a different purpose.  This one is a must have because the fit is slimming while still being warm, the sleeves are long with thumb holes, the zipper come up high like a neck collar, and a hidden pocket hides your keys - I mean what else could you ask for?

7.  sports bras are like a good boyfriend - once you get your hand on one, don't ever let it go.  I like them to be tight and extra supportive, even though I don't have a lot of goods to control but I think the last thing you should have to worry about when you're running is what's going on with that area. 

8.  my favorite running pants of all time.  If you don't already have these, go and get some because they are well worth the investment.  I have run every marathon in these because they are the best long lasting, supportive, and flattering spandex pants I've worked out in.

9.  running shoes change a lot, but I have always had a thing for Nikes.  These shoes have been great for me because I love the way they feel and give me great heal support.  They are also really light and I think the one thing I look for in all my running gear is breathability.

10. earphones are a must for me because I love running with music and using my nike+ on my iPhone. These earbuds are the best because they actually stay in your ear without hurting and the sound is amazing.
11. i never go running without my armband. This one is the best because of the sleek design and a spot to wind up your earphone cord so it's not swinging in front of you while you run. If you have a quality armband it will last a long time too.

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