Hot Chocolate Bar with Keurig

Yesterday was a down pour all day long so we pretty much hibernated inside all day and watched some movies with hot cocoa.  Kind of my favorite type of December day.  We have been loving our new Keurig Mini around our house a lot lately because it makes the most perfect cup of hot chocolate and it's so easy to just make one cup.  I have never tried the Keurig machines before now because we don't drink coffee, but when I heard about all the other drink options that it offers, I was like sign me up.  We have enjoyed delicious apple cider, various flavors of hot chocolate like salted caramel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and irish creme, and they also have lemonades for the summertime.  This is the perfect addition for holiday parties and the winter season when cups of cocoa are a necessary nightly routine.  I put together this easy hot chocolate bar with toppings of marshmallows, whipped cream, white chocolate chips, candy canes, and piroulines.  I thought you couldn't have hot chocolate without some donuts too so there are donut holes, powered donuts, and old-fashioned sourdough donuts with peppermint bark to munch on.  All you need is some Christmas music in the background and you are set for a cozy hot chocolate night;)

chair - restoration hardware | pillow - pottery barn | serving ware - pottery barn | mugs - pottery barn | drink machine - keurig mini c/o | stag head - west elm | pine cone garland - pottery barn | dishes - williams sonoma | napkins - home goods | pajama bottoms - jcrew factory | shirt - jcrew | fur scarf - madewell [similar] | beanie - anthropologie [similar] | lips - maybelline red revival

You can also see my homemade hot chocolate recipe from last year here