Fresh Cut

So I have been debating for about a couple months now if I should cut my hair because I've had this urge to just chop it off, but I'm such a wimp about it because for the most part I have always had long hair.  I woke up this morning and made up my mind to just do it, so I hurry and went to get my hair cut before I could back out.  I am so surprised that I actually love it.  I feel like I just lost ten pounds because that is what my long hair was like.  It was getting out of control the amount of time it takes to blow-dry and style [which resulted in mostly just throwing it up in a bun] so now I can just let me hair air-dry and be a free woman!  Gosh it feels good to have a change.


shirt - jcrew | skirt - madewell | sandals - target [similar here and here] | bag - jcrew [similar] | watch - michael kors | necklace - jcrew [less expensive version] | necklace - jcrew [similar] | earrings - nordstrom | shades - karen walker