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Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Bag Essentials

Yesterday was a great day because I was featured on Sweet Little Peanut sharing what's in my beach bag!  I love reading Sweet Little Peanut for everyday inspiration of creative things to do with your little one, and great mommy advice as well, so I was honored when they asked me to be on there.  Just in case you missed it, I wanted to share the post with you.  Hope you have a great weekend and hit up the beach or pool to try and stay cool in this crazy hot weather we are having.

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1 | beach bag | 

having a great beach bag is a must.  I love having a huge bag that I can fit everything in and I think that anthropologie has some of the cutest ones right now with nice leather handles and a flat bottom so that it won't tip over when you set it down.

2 | beach hat | 

I love hats and pretty much always have one on in the sun because I always want my face protected at all times.  I have always loved my big sun hat from jcrew because they are great quality and last forever plus they fold up easy for packing.

3 | sunscreen | 

this is probably the most important item I have in my beach bag because everyone needs some some good sunscreen, even if you tan easily.  I love beach bum because they aren't greasy, they smell so good, and they have great kids products too.  I also love the rolling stick to get sunscreen on Capri's face.

4 | beach tunes | 

we love having some music while we are hanging out at the beach and I am loving these sunny life beach radios at anthropologie right now.  They are in the cutest colors and you can also hook up your iPhone to have music all day long.  You can also stick it in your bike basket while your cruising along the boardwalk.

5  | shades |

my sunglasses are one of my must have accessories and I always have them with me.  Having a good pair is such a worthwhile investment I think.  These Karen Walker shades are my current favorite because the shape is so flattering on everyone and I can't get enough of tortoise rimmed glasses.

6 | swimsuit |

of course you take a swimsuit to the beach, but I always keep a swimsuit for Capri in her diaper bag in case we make an unplanned beach stop anytime.  I feel like it's kind of hard to find really cute little girl swimsuits that don't look cheesy or have big cartoon patterns on them, so some of my favorite suits have been found at crewcuts.  They are great quality and last the whole year plus the colors and styles are the cutest I've seen.

7 | water bottle |

I pretty much never leave my house without a water bottle so I always make sure there's one in my beach bag.  These bottles are my favorite because they are glass which can be used forever, they never leak, they rubber outside is great, and the size is just right.

8 | paddle ball |

beach games are a must and if you don't have enough people for some beach volleyball, then paddle ball is perfect because it just takes two.  And how cute are these pineapple paddles?!  I'm dying how cute they are.

9 | beach towel |

I really love big beach towels that are big enough to lay down as a blanket and can actually wrap around you and dry off after.  These cute striped ones are a favorite of ours.

10 | sunglasses for little peanut |

you can't forget sunglasses for your little one as well, especially if they don't have a hat on the whole time.  I love the cute styles at crewcuts right now because they have a lot of great ray ban wayfarer style that is a pretty classic look.  Usually if Capri sees me with my sunglasses on then she wants to wear hers too.

11 | beach sandals |

we love saltwater sandals because they are the best quality little kids shoes that actually stay on their feet.  They last so long that you may even be able to pass them along to your other kids.  They are also great for little peanuts who are just new to walking because they are easy for them to walk in.

12 | sand toys |

right now, my little girl is all about the sand toys.  She could play for hours with her shovel and bucket, she just thinks they are the greatest toys ever.  You will be so happy you have some beach toys after it entertains your kids forever and they are great for all age groups, not just the littlest ones.

13 | snacks |

I always have to make sure we have snacks packed for the day because once you get to the beach it's so much better when you can stay camped out for awhile.  I love the plastic lunch containers at Pottery Barn Kids and I always take a few with different fruit and snack for the day.

14 | beach coverup |

this is a must because when we are leaving the beach I can take off Capri's wet swimsuit and she can just wear her coverup as an outfit.  I've definitely learned with kids that it's always a good idea to have extra clothes on hand;)

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