Father's Day gift guide

I can't believe Father's Day is just a week away!  I have put together a gift guide to save you from searching everywhere for the perfect gift, and best part is that they are all under $50.  These are items that I feel like every guy would love and are pretty much my favorite anytime gifts.  I think every guy needs to know how to cook a few things, work a BBQ, have a great backpack for the summertime exploring, great headphones for traveling, sunglasses that look flattering on anyone, a classic button-up short sleeved shirt, a pair of sneakers that don't look like they are going to the gym, a tie for any occasion with a sharp looking tie-clip, style cream for their hair because sometimes it needs to be tamed, a traveling case, sexy cologne, a leather wallet that won't look bulky in your pants, a watch to wear with every outfit, and a great looking swimsuit for all those beach days.  Happy Shopping!!

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