Your Summer Vacation Packing List

I love to travel so much and summer is the perfect time to get away.  It's just the best getting to explore a new place and be somewhere you've never been.  The only thing I really don't like about traveling is PACKING, it is the worst!!  I hate having to think about what you want to wear and to try and pack light for the whole time you're gone, but still have everything you need.  Luckily I have learned over the years a few things to help make packing easier and to just keep in mind the basics.  So I put together a list for you that you can print off and use as your little packing guide to help you check off everything you need.  I hope this helps in taking off on a summer adventure, even if it's just a road trip for a couple days - everyone needs a getaway.  I'd love to hear what you're best packing tips are so comment below and let me know anything I should add.  Happy traveling!