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Guest Post:  Cooking with Oh So Delicioso

Guest Post: Cooking with Oh So Delicioso

I really like making new friends, and this summer I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous girls of Oh So Delicioso at the SoCal Meet and Greet they put together.  These girls are just about as genuine as they come and as a food lover myself, I was pretty excited to discover their amazing blog of so many delicious recipes.  Today I'm excited to have the darling Aubrey sharing her favorite recipes with us today.  They all look so good, I can't wait to try them out!  Take it away Aubrey.

Hi West Coast Capri readers!  I'm Aubrey from the foodie blog, Oh So Delicioso.  We have a lot of fun making and creating new recipes.  Over at Oh So, we are a group of girls who just love good food.  We all have different diet and flavors of cooking so our recipe selection has quite a variety.  I wanted to share with you a few of my very favorite recipes from the blog.

But first a little about myself, so that you understand why I chose the recipes I chose.  I am a mom.  I have 3 sweet kids and a baby on the way!  My husband recently finished optometry school and a residency in pediatrics.  The entire time he was busy with school I supported our family by working as an ER Nurse.  

Needless to say, life was busy!  Keeping up with the blog was my own personal choice as a hobby when the kids were at school or in bed.  Between all of this I have always had a high priority of feeding my family well.  Not well as in we ate tri-tip every night, but well as in a healthy diet with a variety of foods.  Pulling off home-cooked meals on a busy schedule is a challenge sometimes.  Most of the recipes I'm sharing today, I love not just because of the taste but because they are easy and convenient.

I recently posted this Tortellini Minestrone Soup recipe - which is divine.  It's filling and hearty without being calorie heavy.  The kids love it which makes me love it even more since it's loaded with veggies.


tortellini minestrone soup

I'm all about having a good snack on hand.  This Zucchini Bread is one of those no-fail recipes. It's one of the easiest breads I have made and turns out so good every time.  The kids love it for breakfast or after school snacks.


easy zucchini bread

If you really want something super easy for those I-have-zero-time-to-cook days . . . try this Slow-Cooker Italian Beef.  It's surprisingly amazing for only having 2 ingredients!  Seriously this meal has saved me on so many busy days.


slow-cooker italian beef sandwich

Now this recipe is not necessary the tastes recipe on the world, but it is not terribly difficult either.  And it is one of my all-time favorites.  This works well for a nice breakfast, brunch or even dinner.  Poached Huevos Rancheros in a simple salsa . . . the flavors are out of this world. Topped with a little avocado and cilantro, it is heavenly!


poached huevos rancheros

The last recipe I wanted to share are these Gourmet Au Gratin Potatoes.  I'm all about cooking up a good side dish and grilling some chicken then calling dinner done.  This is one of those go-to side dishes.  I love to cook.  While it says gourmet, that doesn't mean difficult.  It mostly means that the cheese I use is a little on the pricy side, but no where near as expensive as if I was to take my family out to dinner.  So I don't mind that price if it means a bomb dinner at home.  I should mention that this is not a low calorie dish either.  Again, I don't mind an occasional meal like this.  Especially for my children, whom I can never seem to get enough calories into anyways, they need good fats.


au gratin potatoes

I hope that you will give a few of these meals a chance!  And come stop by Oh So to say hi!  We love making new friends and have plenty of other yummy recipes to share.

Keep updated on all the latest at Oh So on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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