It's a Boy!!

Well we found out some exciting news this week at my doctors appointment and I'll just "pop" if I hold it in any longer;)  Our little baby coming this summer is a boy and we couldn't be more thrilled!  I was kind of in shock when we first found out because everyone thought we were having a girl and it's natural to think of a girl because we have one and that's all we've known, plus we have everything girl and I can totally picture Capri with a sister, but I have always wanted a little boy so I can't wait for it!  I feel like we are entering a totally new world with a baby boy joining the fam and I think my husband is happy to think he'll have a little buddy and the house won't be completely run by girls! haha Now I'm just so anxious to meet this little cutie growing inside me and I'm so excited to have the chance to snuggle a newborn again.  I can't wait for Capri to meet him and to see the sweet bond between those siblings form.  I hope they'll be the best of friends.  I feel so grateful right now that we have a healthy baby on the way and for the greatest blessing in my life to be a mom.  Now it's time to pull out the blue!