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Autumn Time Checklist

Autumn Time Checklist

This season is already flying by even though it doesn't quite feel like fall yet here in southern California because we keep getting super hot days that I am so over with!  It's hard to get into the fall spirit when I can't even bust out my scarfs yet or sip some apple cider, but I didn't want to let October go by anymore without getting our annual Autumn checklist up.  I did one last year here, and it was fun to remember everything that we did or new things that we tried.  Hopefully we can continue with some of our favorite traditions during this time of year and make some new ones too with our little family.  I'd love to hear, what are your bucketlist items for this time of year??

| experience all the fun Disneyland festivities during Halloween time 

| decorate caramel apples and drop them off to friends 

| watch a scary movie and maybe go to a haunted house . . . if I'm not chicken 

| bake our favorite pumpkin cinnamon pull-apart bread over the weekend 

| make our famous chili with corn bread for the chili cook off and trunk or treat with our church 

| start a gratitude tree for the month of November for everyone to add to each day 

| take Capri and Liam trick or treating 

| have a campfire in the mountains with tin foil dinners and a fun hike

| take family pictures for our Christmas Card 

| bring the kids to the Underwood Family Farms pumpkin festival 

| after getting our pumpkins have a pumpkin carving night and toast the seeds 

| have an apple picking day over the weekend like last year 

| host a friendsgiving luncheon with some girlfriends 

Fit to be Flared

Fit to be Flared

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies