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Guest Post:  Pregnancy Workout

Guest Post: Pregnancy Workout

Today is a special treat for all you other pregnant ladies out there because I have the beautiful Annie, from Fitness to Fashion guest posting today with one of her favorite workouts to do while pregnant.  This girl is just as amazing on the inside as she looks on the outside and I love seeing how she has inspired so many other women with her daily fitness tips and inspiration.  She is a darling mom to two little ones with her third on the way and has managed to stay fit and motivated through it all, despite her tough pregnancy.  So keep on reading to get to know her better and be sure to follow her along @annie.fitnesstofashion for all the cutest fitness gear, workouts, and fashion.

I have always had a passion for being active and trying to be healthy.  I was a gymnast for ten years and a cheerleader for three years so it's always been my lifestyle to be active.  When I was pregnant with my other two children I tried to keep up with my exercise routine as much as the nausea would let me.  Those two pregnancies were fairly smooth so I was still able to do quite a bit and keep up with exercising.  When I found out I was pregnant with my third baby [my current pregnancy] I was so excited to share some awesome workout exercises and fitness tips women could use during pregnancy.  Little did I know I would be diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum at just six weeks.  My nausea was so severe I had trouble drinking any fluids, especially water and I was bedridden for the following 10 weeks with home IV therapy.  Those were some long days laying in bed especially when my body and mind were so used to being active and always on the go.  By the time I reached 16 weeks I had consulted my doctor and there was nothing else they could do for me.  I had the IV's which helped me to tolerate fluids, but they couldn't give me anymore anti-nausea medicine.  I mentally told myself I had a choice to either stay in bed and be so incredibly miserable or to face the fact that this was my new life for the next few months and I needed to learn how to cope with the nausea.  My husband is very active and so he encouraged me to slowly get back to the gym even if it was just to walk a mile and do some stretching.  Very slowly I was able to get back to a semi-normal workout routine and honestly being active has turned out to be my lifesaver mentally and physically.  I am no where near my usual workouts but after going consistently, I started to get some energy and mentally I felt alive again.

fabletics workout gear

I think during pregnancy your fitness goals have to change.  You are no longer working out to fit in those skinny jeans or reach for that magical number on the scale.  You first must listen to your body and if you can't walk one more step that's completely fine.  To me it's all about getting your heart pumping and to get your blood circulating.  It's about getting those mental endorphins released that will benefit you and your baby.  I always try to do some cardio and light weight lifting if I can.  I'm not going for the perfectly toned arms, I just want my muscles and body to stay strong.  We all dread that post baby body for a few months and if your muscles have kept up with some light lifting if will help you get back into shape quicker.  After your pregnancy you will be amazed at your muscle memory.  It comes back so quick.

Below is one of my favorite workouts.  I love to workout as many muscles as I can in one exercise.  Anytime I'm lifting arms, I try and balance on one foot.  It will help strengthen your core and also distracts you once your biceps start to burn.  To me there is nothing more rewarding than a sore body.  You will be surprised at what a few squats a day can do to tone your quads and flutes.  Besides, your baby will love the up and down motion and it might put your little one right to sleep.  I try and do everything in 3 sets of 12.  Again, if you're done after two sets don't sweat it!  It's all about the effort and just getting your body moving. 

pregnancy workout
pregnancy workout


1 |  Standing bicep curls on one leg, may use gym weights or cans of soup, do 3 sets of 12 [rotating legs between each set]

2 |  Standing overhead tricep curls, 3 sets of 12

3 |  Single leg kickback squats with or without weights, 3 sets of 12

4 |  Reverse single leg lunges, 3 sets of 12

you can finish with 30 minutes of cardio to get a full workout in

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Must Have Pregnancy Items

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