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Guest Post:  Simple Photography Tip

Guest Post: Simple Photography Tip

I'm so happy to have the fabulous photographer, Megan Turley guest posting today with some great tips on how to take better pictures.  This girl has been one of my closest friends growing up and she is seriously full of so much talent with a perfect eye for beauty.  I tell her all the time how I wish we lived closer so that I could use her expertise on a daily basis because she's so great.  If you live in Utah and are looking for a photographer then she's your gal because all her work is so great and every one of her clients just rave about how much they loved working with her.  Take it away Meg.

Hello!  I'm Meg, from Megan Turley Photo.  I'm super excited to be over here on West Coast Capri today as I love everything about Chelsey's style, and we've been friends since kindergarten!  Yes, we've known each other forever, and she was just as stylish and chic as a five year old as she is today [the truth!].  I'm a photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah, have a little boy who just turned 20 months old, and we've got one on the way!  I specialize in family, newborn, and birth story photography.  Oh, and I love weddings too.  When I'm just shooting for myself, it's mostly of my family and life's daily adventures.  Oh, and food.  Food and photos?  Quite possibly the best combination next to chips and salsa.

Today I'm excited to share a simple photography tip that will benefit anyone who is wanting to amp their photo game and maximize their everyday snapshots at home all. by. themselves.  First things first.  Put your phone down, and get out the camera you hardly use because it's too big, sort of frustrating, and not nearly as convenient as the phone on your camera.  You have that camera for a reason!  To be totally honest, what I'm sharing today will benefit your photos even if you are using your smart phone, but it's always fun to use your actual camera.

Today's tip:  It's all about the LIGHT, and lots of it!  Natural light can be your bff when you have your camera out at home.  My home isn't constructed of large open windows, but there are a few spots where the light pours in . . . and so that's where I go when I'm photographing at home.  If you're using your camera indoors [say nursery, kids room, or kitchen], let as much natural light into the room as possible.  Raise the blinds, or open the shutters, maybe even open a door!  The more light you have to work with, the more control you'll have of your subject.  You want your image to look as good as it can when you take it so you have less work when editing it later on.  So, search out the light in your home.  Take your subject outside!

meg turley photography

As you can see here, the new parents were positioned right next to a large window in their home.

Photography tips

Outdoors!  The light doesn't get much more perfect than in the late afternoon just before the sun sets.

newborn photography

This beautiful baby is laying on a window seat, right next to a window where soft light is flooding the room.

photography tips

We turned this living room around, flipping the couches towards the windows for this shoot.  I think it turned out pretty well.

photography tips

This precious newborn was photographed on his parents bed, overhead lights were off, and the shutters were open.

Thanks so much for having me Chelsey!  I hope these examples help, and if you have any questions I'd love to hear!

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