Mini Micro Scooter

The weeks are getting fewer and the days are numbered where it's just me and my girl before this new baby arrives so I've been trying to soak up every second with her that I can.  She loves being outside so a lot of our time is spent between the beach and different parks where so many of the kids have scooters, so pretty much she's had her eye on one for awhile.  I've heard from so many other moms how much they love the mini micro scooters and that they are the only way to go so I was really excited for her to get one of her own.  The great thing about this scooter is that it is the 3-in-1 version so they can begin with a seat and learn how to balance and push with their feet and then the seat can come off to have a smaller handle and then when they are ready you just switch out the handle for the bigger one and the scooter becomes the micro mini.  I love that you have all these options in one scooter so you don't have to keep buying them as your child gets bigger and outgrows each stage.  Capri is a little bit ambitious and loves trying out the big handle even though she usually rides with the smaller one.  It's so fun to see her try new things and learn new skills along the way.  I'm sure we'll have lots of summer days filled with scooter rides and popsicles 

denim dress - gap | shoes - j.crew old [also love these] | bag - j.crew | sunglasses - karen walker | earrings - nordstrom | watch - michael kors | bracelets - spartina 449 c/o | lips - bobbi brown guava c/o 

scooter - micro kickboard c/o | bow - gap | shirt - h&m | pants - h&m | sandals - salt water