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Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

I remember right before we had our little girl and I was figuring out all the things I needed to get as a new mom being so overwhelmed.  I saved up and got my diaper bag that I knew I wanted, but then I was like what the heck am I supposed to put in this?!  I had no idea everything that I would need on a daily basis and what should be in my diaper bag or not.  So now that I am on baby number two and I am getting used to this whole packing a diaper bag thing, I thought I'd put together a list of my diaper bag essentials of what I think is helpful as mom to a toddler and a newborn.  It's amazing how many things you learn on a daily basis from trial and error and figuring out what works best when you are out and about with little ones in tow.  I hope that this list might help someone as a first time mom who is trying to figure this crazy world of parenting out and for all you seasoned mothers out there, I'd love to hear your comments if you have something to add.  Thanks for following along and have a great week!

1 |  DIAPER BAG - I mentioned before how great this diaper bag is, but really it's so perfect at being stylish and functional for everything I need.  The built-in changing pad is so helpful and I can't go without a bag that has a back-pack option these days as well.  I would definitely recommend it or something close to its size because you need to bring a lot of stuff ladies!

2 |  WATER BOTTLE - this is my latest discovery and we are obsessed with it.  It seriously is the best water bottle out there!  I love the large size and the flip-cap lid, but the best part is that it keeps the temperature of the liquid inside for 24 hours!  I have left it out in my hot car for hours and the water still tasted just as cold when I got it later.  I was so excited when I found this because I always have a water bottle with me and especially while nursing I have to drink so much.

3 |  LUNCH BOX - I don't always pack lunches in my diaper bag, but when I do I am so much happier because it's usually healthier than anything I can find around me and we can stay longer and play somewhere when we don't have to leave to go get food. 

4 |  NURSING COVER - this nursing cover has been a game-changer this time around nursing my second babe.  It has made nursing in public so much easier and I have been so much more comfortable too.  I never have to worry about being covered up, no matter what I'm wearing and I can easily put it on by myself one-handed which is usually the scenario.  You can also use it as a car-seat cover as well and it's easy to throw in the wash and clean.  

5 |  HAND SANITIZER - since becoming a mom I have turned into hand sanitizer obsessed because I'm always worried about germs everywhere.  I always love to have some hand sanitizer with me to quickly use on the go especially when there isn't anywhere to wash your hands.  This a must on vacations as well.

6 |  SUN SCREEN - I am a big believer in protecting your skin and especially that of your little ones.  My pediatrician just reminded me again of how important it is to put sunscreen or hats on your little ones even when you don't think it's a very hot day.  Sometimes the foggy days can cause the most burns and since we spend a lot of our days outside, I always keep sunscreen on hand. 

7 |  NIPPLE CREAM [when nursing] - with my first baby I used this a lot more because my nipples were so sore in the first weeks as I was getting used to breast feeding all the time.  It's great to have some in your bag that you can quickly use after you nurse your baby rather than having to suffer from soreness.

8 |  IPAD & COVER - sometimes when we have tried every other form of entertainment and nothing else seems to work then the iPad is a good idea.  This is mainly only used for airplane rides or long road trips where your kids are in confined places and don't have many other options.  It's also helpful at doctor appointments or in waiting rooms where a simple alphabet game will quickly hold their attention in a not-so fun environment.  I definitely recommend a case that has a cover to open and close as well as prop it up because it protects it better from falling and helps them watch it easier.

9 |  FAVORITE LIPSTICK - most days I am scrambling to get ready and carry two babies out the door so I hardly have time to make myself up, but I think that even when you feel like a mess and not put-together some lipstick in your favorite shade of red can totally change your look and make you feel like a woman again.  I wear this Bare Minerals shade called Live It Up a lot on here because it's a great red and shines your lips up like a gloss so it feels really hydrating.  I think anyone can rock a red lipstick and feel a little glam so that's why it's a great idea to keep one handy in your diaper bag.

10 |  BABY POWDER & DIAPER RASH CREAM - these two are baby changing must-haves.  And another trick I have learned with baby powder is that it gets the sand right off your skin and in all the hard to reach places if you know what I mean, so be sure to bring some to the beach and it will really help you out when you are cleaning up to go home with your little ones.

11 |  TEETHING TOY & BINKY CLIP - I love these binky clips because they are best looking ones I have found, plus I love that they have these beautiful wooden teething toys that can hook right on to the binky clip as well.  I have these in a variety of colors and keep them tied to a few different binkies so you never use them.  They work great for boys or girls.

12 |  WIPES - I have totally become that mom that uses wipes for everything.  I grab one to clean their hands, face, bum, the grocery cart, the table in a restaurant - you name it, I will grab a wipe for it and honestly, they really come in handy.  They are obviously in your diaper bag to change your babies diapers, but they come in handy so much with kids who get their hands dirty every second and get food all over their face while eating so even when your kids are out of diapers, I like to keep some on-hand.

13 |  DIAPERS - you can never have too many diapers in your bag.  Trust me - It's a lot better to have some left over for tomorrow then run out when you aren't home and your baby leaks into their clothes.

14 |  WALLET - this is an obvious one, but when I'm going out with my kids I usually pack for the day and don't want to carry a separate purse other than my diaper bag so I have all my essentials in there as well like my wallet with extra cash in it since so many kids places need cash.  I'll also throw in some gum and breath mints as well.

15 |  GOOD SHOES - It's no secret that I love these baby moccasins because of how durable and great they stay on my babies feet, so I think it's always a great idea to keep a pair in your bag.  They will go with anything and are really easy to slip-on as well. 

16 |  EXTRA SOCKS - little socks are another item I always have in my bag just in case I need them because the weather can change or I'm usually gone longer than expected and if you don't have shoes on your little babe then socks can keep them warm and cozy.  And how many times does one sock just fall off and you can't find it, so it's good to have a back-up.

17 |  PACIFIERS - even though my baby boy doesn't love a binky, I still keep them in my bag because sometimes when he's falling asleep he needs one to help sooth him and I'm always glad I have it.  These binky wipes are also a great idea because it's always hard to clean them when they fall everywhere. 

18 |  BABY NAIL CLIPPERS - these are always in my bag so that I don't have to search around for them because I never seem to be able to keep up with clipping my kids nails.  They grow so fast!  And it can hurt pretty bad when you are nursing your baby and they are grabbing you with those long nails that scratch.  It's pretty great to be able to quickly clip them when you have a chance.  You could also throw a baby brush in your bag too and extra elastics - just in case.

19 |  CHANGE OF CLOTHES - I can never leave home without a change of clothes for pretty much both of my kids because the times I don't, you are wishing you did.  Whether they have a blow-out in their diaper or pee their pants or jump in a big mud puddle or the weather changes and you need a change of clothes, you will definitely be glad you have these.  A jacket is also great to keep in your bag just in case.

20 |  NIPPLE PADS - I always like to have some extra of these in my bag when I'm gone because you need to switch them out of your bra often when nursing and no one wants to have that big milk stain on their shirt while walking around.

21 |  BABY TOY - sophie the giraffe has always been a favorite of ours because it's a great toy to bring on the go and babies love to suck on it and that it makes noises.  It can help be a form of entertainment when you need it.

22 |  SWADDLING BLANKETS - I love these swaddling blankets because they fold up great to pack in your bag anywhere and they are lightweight.  We've been using them non-stop in this warm weather and they are the only thing I can swaddle our little babe in right now.  They are also great if you need something to lay them down on or as a quick nursing cover or even as a shade cover over your stroller/carseat while they nap.

23 |  SNACKS - it's always a good idea to come prepared with snacks for your kids because sometimes you are gone longer than you were expecting and a snack can hold your kids over until you are able to get them a meal [and sometimes I even dive into those snacks myself].  It helps to put them in small containers that your child can hold themselves or that you can set on their stroller tray for them to eat.

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Made by Mary Charms