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How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

It's that time of year where summer is just around the corner and it's getting so close that you can almost taste the backyard barbecues and beach bonfires.  It's also that time when everyone is taking off for spring break to warm destinations getting a head start on their summer tan lines.  I always looked forward to spring break as a kid, it was the best getting to go somewhere with a swimming pool and warm weather.  But sometimes it doesn't always work into your family budget to take a vacation somewhere or you can't get much time off of work to make it happen.  This is why a staycation is such a great idea.  Since living in California we have tried to take little staycation trips to somewhere local when we can on the weekends because we feel like there is so much to do and see here that we don't really need to travel far.  Plus airfare can be expensive so by driving somewhere local, you have more in your budget to spend on fun.  I put together some tips that have helped us plan small staycation trips and hopefully it will help you when traveling this summer.

how to plan the perfect staycation - tips


PLAN AHEAD [do your research ahead of time and have your trip planned out so you don't waste your vacation time trying to decide what to do everyday.  use local websites or blogs to find local activities going on during your stay and find the best local restaurants to eat at.  pick a hotel that is close to drive to, maybe within a few hours and plan your drive there when your kids are asleep or whatever is the best time for them to travel.  make sure to have snacks and activities for the car ride and also plan what time check-in is at your hotel so you know when to be there.  it's also good to plan your trip out so that you have 1 big outing if you are going to a theme park or somewhere else that takes all day so you can plan a relaxing day after that.]

DON'T OVERPACK [i know this can be hard and especially with kids you just want to bring everything you think you'll ever need.  but take the stress out of packing and stuffing your car full and only take the essentials.  make sure to check the weather before hand and plan your outfits accordingly.  limit the shoes and big bulky items that you bring.]

PAIR UP [if you can combine your trip with another family, sometimes the more the merrier is a great way to go.  you can usually find group rates that are cheaper at theme parks or museums and your kids will love having someone to play with, giving you some adult time.  you can even split a babysitter for a night if just the adults want to go out to dinner. it's also nice to have someone else to carravan with while driving because you can keep an eye on each other and meet up at resting stop locations.]

ENJOY IT [i know this is obvious to enjoy a vacation, but I mean to really kick back and enjoy every minute.  unplug from social media and technology to enjoy some quality time with each other.  take a break from your daily routine and cut lose from strict schedules.  Be silly with your kids and even enjoy some dessert each night.  you won't regret living in the moment and creating lasting memories]

Since we have been needing a little spring break of our own after moving and setting up our new place, we have planned a trip to San Diego to stay at the Radisson because we love how family friendly they are.  I feel like they have really refreshed their hotels with a more modern look and feel.  We also really like the accommodations they have to offer like their 6am check-in and 6pm checkout times as well as the Radisson IConcierge App that lets you access room service right from your phone and see local attractions in the area to help plan your trip.  Radisson has lots of locations around that it makes it easy to find one that works into a small weekend trip.  We love driving down to San Diego when we can so we are excited to visit some favorite spots again.  I'm also really excited to tell you guys about a giveaway that they are doing right now and you could win a trip for two to one of their amazing locations.  You just have to click here to enter and create your virtual postcard to share on twitter #TakeMeThereSweapstakes and win a vacation for two and other great prizes that are up for grabs.  Sounds like a good deal to me!  

Thank you to Radisson for sponsoring todays post and inspiring us to get away for a little staycation

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