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Backless Barstools

Since I have been working on designing three different kitchens right now, I've been looking at dozens of barstools and one thing I am currently loving is the backless barstool look.  I think these kitchens beautifully show just how great the simplicity of them can be.  I am usually all about making a statement with an awesome looking barstool, but there is something about these simple designs that don't take away from the look of the kitchen or showing off the pretty countertop.  I think that if you want something that is a little more subtle and not as noticeable in your kitchen, or maybe something that kids can get on and off of really quick - a backless barstool is a good option.  They are also super versatile and can be moved around the kitchen when you need a little extra seat and tuck away easy when you are cleaning up.  I have linked some barstools below that I am completely loving incase you are on the hunt for some.  Thanks for stopping by!

white kitchen and backless barstools
gray painted cabinets and backless barstools
backless barstools
favorite kitchen barstools
favorite backless barstools
studio mcgee kitchen design
white kitchen with backless barstools

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