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How to be Present and Play with Your Kids

Young at heart, present in the moment and more playful with the ones you love.  This is the message of Sonnet James and I love every bit of it.  Reminding myself to be more present in the moment is something I am constantly striving for because there are so many distractions between phone calls and work life to social media and what you should or shouldn't be doing to promote your business and then just being a mom with a big to-do list and keeping the house clean and together - it's a lot of directions to get pulled in.  So I've tried to be all there, whether I'm playing with my kids or working on my computer - just be all in and all there without any distractions.  There are a lot of fun ways to play with your kids that don't cost anything more than making a stop at the dollar store or letting them pick out a treat at the ice cream shop after a fun day.  I've made a list below of some easy ways you can start playing with your kids and creating those memories because these golden days of childhood sure fly by quick.  And also this Sonnet James June dress is the best uniform for all of those moments. 

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how to be playful with your kids
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manhattan beach creamery
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1 |   Go visit a new park every week and pack a picnic

2 |   Blow bubbles together outside and look up recipes to make giant ones

3 |   Give your child a piggy-back ride or let them ride on your shoulders [you can even pretend to be a horse]

4 |   Draw pictures together with sidewalk chalk

5 |   Make up some relay races on the grass with whatever you have on hand

6 |   Bring a magnifying glass on a nature walk and let them make discoveries along the way

7 |    Lie down in the grass and find shapes in the clouds together or star gaze at night

8 |   Let your child do your hair or makeup or paint your nails together and play dress-ups

9 |   Make a reading list then visit the library and slowly cross each book off the list each time you go [make a reading fort at home that makes them excited for reading and also have a prize for when the list is done]

10 |  Cook together in the kitchen and let them make a mess 

And don't forget to put your phone away and any distractions so you can be present in the moment with your little ones.

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striped dress - c/o sonnet james | denim jacket - j.crew | wedges - merona | leather tote - madewell | sunglasses - karen walker | lips - bobbi brown | watch - michael kors | capri's shirt - old navy | shorts - old navy | sandals - saltwater sandals | scooters - c/o mini micro | black helmet - amazon | polka dot helmet - amazon | liam's shirt - janie & jack | shorts - zara kids | sandals - saltwater sandals

All Photos by Angelica Marie Photography 

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Playsuits by Sonnet James

Playsuits by Sonnet James