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Refresh Your Home

Refresh Your Home

Now that we are on day five of constant rain here in LA and stuck indoors, it’s made my organization bug even stronger. Anyone else busy tidying up their home just like Marie Kondo has taught us all?! I think this is the perfect time year to refresh your home now that Christmas is all put away and everything is looking empty and bare. The best place to start is with a clean slate so then you can go through your home and start new with things that need replenishing for the year. I love to start with fresh soaps and towels in the bathrooms, some new dish towels in the kitchen, and then new storage containers to make sure everything has a place. This is also a great time to replace anything that has broken in your kitchen like new measuring cups, spatulas, or your everyday dishes. It makes me so giddy to whip out the label maker and put a name on each container after I organize - you feel like you’ve got it all together for maybe a few minutes of your life. So to help you kick off your home refresh, I have gathered my favorite home items that are staples and work with a fresh white color palette and lemon accents to add a little citrus touch during this in-between season before spring. You can find all of the links below.


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CLEAN OUT YOUR PANTRY [I love looking into organized cabinets so the new year is a great time to clean out everything that is expired and put everything into containers. I also keep a snack bin filled up for kids that has things they can easily help themselves to after school and there are healthy options.]

FRESH SHEETS AND TOWELS [This is perfect time of year to freshen up your dish towels and bathroom towels because most stores have sales going on this month for basics. I love using white towels because they will match any of your bathrooms and they clean up great.]

ADD STORAGE BINS IN EACH ROOM [I’ve been reorganizing my kids rooms to find a place for all the christmas toys and I think the best way to keep things organized is to having a place for everything. I like bins with lids so that I can stack them in the closet if I need to, but baskets are great for shoes or toys that are in the living spaces to keep the rest of the house organized - and they can also take their bin into their room at night to put things away.]

NEW PILLOWS AND CANDLES [the quickest way to change up a room is to add new pillows. You can just replace the covers and keep your inserts to save on money and then you immediately have a whole new look. I also love to add new accessories to the coffee table or side tables. A new book and candles are the best touches around the home.]

ADD SOME GREENERY [fresh greenery around the home either in a potted tree or small plants in the kitchen help to add some life to a room and make a perfect decorative accent. If you are putting some plants in the kitchen then re-pot them into some decorative pots to match your decor and for larger trees you can hide the pot in a basket.]

Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole

Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole

Goals for the New Year