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Tips for Having the Best Summer

Tips for Having the Best Summer

We finally made it to the last week of school over here and we couldn’t be more excited for summer days to arrive! We are ready to have some fun long days playing in the sun and to make some memories as a family. It really hit me hard when I realized how my summers are getting numbered with my kids and we need to make the most of everyday of ours because they will be all grown up and too cool for me before you know it. If you follow me on Instagram them you probably saw my stories where I shared some tips to help make this summer the best yet, so I thought I’d share them here too to make them easy to come back to or pin the post for later. I hope some of these will help you in making it an amazing summer for you and your kids. We are already packing our bags to head off on our first vacation with family - let the party begin!

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1 | Plan Ahead - make a bucket list and write down everything you want to do this summer - including your kids input and then make a plan to accomplish them. Write everything down in your schedule because the weeks will go by really fast and you don’t want your summer to slip away before you had time to do the things you really wanted. These don’t have to be big things they can be small such as make homemade popsicles or run through the hose in the backyard.

2 | Keep A Routine - it’s easy to let everything go out the window when the kids don’t have school everyday, but I think it’s important to keep some sort of routine going because kids thrive with a routine and schedule. Have chores that they need to get done around the house and books to read or academic workbooks to work on each day, It also helps me to have a daily schedule that you can go by and help your kids expect what will be happening as well as certain days of the week for different activities such as Tuesdays and Thursdays beach days, Mondays adventure, Wednesdays swmming pool, and so on to fit everything in. A sample morning routine for your kids could be to wakeup and brush their teeth, make their bed, get dressed, practice an instrument or do some pages in a workbook, have 20 minutes of reading, and a new art activity together.

3 | Focus on the Present - I know all of you moms are trying to do this everyday but sometimes when we are juggling a million things and trying to tackle that to-do list, it’s hard to be in the moment all the time. My challenge for this summer is to put your phone away and really get down on your kids level to give them undivided attention to play with them. I know it’s hard for me to let the house get messy and to just drop everything I’m doing to be in the moment, but that is what I want to do more because all of those things can wait. Our kids are only this age for a quick moment so I want to soak it all in while I can.

4 | Be Prepared - Having your kids home all the time means they are going to be busy and wanting to eat all the time haha. But there are a few things I think you can do to help prepare your house and make things a little easier on you. Having a separate bin in your pantry that is at the kids level where they can easily grab snacks that you approve of for them makes it so easy as well as a bin in the fridge for healthy snacks they can grab as well. It also helps to precut veggies or fruit for them and have them ready to go in ziplock bags. I also started filling a water dispenser filled with fruit infused water for a little drink station in the kitchen where they can easily grab cups and get themselves a drink. I also have a s’mores supply bin ready to go for our Sunday nights and I’m getting our beach bag with everything back in the car so we are ready to go.

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