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What it Means to be a Boy Mom

What it Means to be a Boy Mom

Sometimes I sit back in awe at my two boys and think I can’t believe you are both mine! Mostly because I actually always thought I’d have more girls than boys. I have two sisters of my own so I grew up always having other girls around and I just pictured that in my own house as well, but gosh I’m so lucky to have these two. Even though they are definitely crazier than raising a little girl, I feel incredibly blessed to be their mom and I’m so grateful they have each other. Brotherhood is such a special bond and I’m so glad they get to experience it. Having someone who is a built-in best friend who loves you unconditionally and will be there for you no matter what is something special. Each day there are little moments that they have with each other whether it’s sharing a snack together in the kitchen or putting bubbles on each other in the bath that gives me a glimpse of this relationship that is forming. Of course they also have their moments of fighting over a toy or doing something to make the other one cry, but I know they’ll teach each other things that no one else can. I’ve been thinking lately about the responsibility and weight of raising boys who will grow into men that I hope will be kind, smart, compassionate, giving, respectful, humble, and leaders in a world that needs the good men to rise up and make the difference. As I look at my sweet little Liam with his big brown eyes, sun-bleached ringlets, and dimpled cheeks I tell him to never grow up so he’ll always stay my little boy and he says - don’t worry mom I’ll still be a kid when I turn 4. Well his birthday arrived earlier this month and it does break my heart a little that he is 4 years old now and growing up too fast, but I love seeing him learn and grow into this amazing little person. I’ve been listening to parenting podcasts lately and reading a few books to try and get some more insights on things I need to make sure I’m doing to raise boys who will grow to be gentlemen and independent. Here are a few things I’ve gathered.

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1 | TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS [I think this applies to all parents, but when it comes to parenting your child you really are the one that knows what’s best for your child. Trust your instincts on what they need and when you have a concern then seek out the best help for an answer. Only take advice from someone if it works for your family and your lifestyle and always trust that gut feeling to know if something is right. Everyday I pray for help in raising my kids.]

2 | TEACH FLEXIBILITY [I’m all for being organized and having a consistent routine, but sometimes our kids need to know that everything doesn’t go as planned and we have to roll with it. I’ve found my four year old getting so upset lately when something little happens to him like his ice cream cone falling on the ground or someone else knocking over his lego tower so I’m trying to teach him that sometimes things happen in life that are out of our control and we need to take a deep breath and remember everything will be ok. It doesn’t fix anything to get upset and throw a tantrum.]

3 | PLAY WITH YOUR CHILD [boys are definitely more physical and need to be active in their day so try to get on the ground and play with them or go outside to play tag, hide-and-go-seek or jump on the tramp. They love when their daddy comes home because he wrestles with them and will build giant forts or throw them around in all sorts of fun games they love. All your child wants is for you to be with them and to see that you are giving them your love and attention.]

4 | READ TO YOUR CHILD AS MUCH AS YOU CAN [one of my favorite things to do is actually reading to my kids and we read at night before bedtime. It’s a great time to unwind from a crazy day and snuggle up together. This is also a great opportunity to help them learn new things and to create a strong bond with each other. My kids also love going to the library and picking out new books for the weeks and it makes them that much more excited for story time.]

5 | GIVE YOUR CHILD SOME INDEPENDENCE [as much as you can let your child make decisions on their own and try to do things on their own before you jump in to help. My kids are little so getting dressed my themself or helping to wash themself in the bath and get out on their own and little steps they can take. There are also times when they won’t get things right and make a mistake, but these are good life lessons to learn now before they get older.

6 | NEVER COMPARE YOUR CHILD TO ANYONE [your chid is so special and one of a kind with unique talents and gifts all their own. Don’t worry about anyone else’s child and how yours compares, just focus on doing the best you can and it will all work out in the end. Try not to choose sides with your kids and instead encourage them and remain fair. Don’t forget that you are the perfect parent for your child and just what they need.]

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