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Cupcake Tour

I was never a cupcake fan until I came to LA with my in-laws while me and the husband were dating and they took me to Sprinkles for the first time.  Ever since then I have compared every cupcake to Sprinkles because they changed my mind about just how amazing a cupcake could be.  Since the cupcake craze happened and there is a cute little shop on about every block, we decided to help you all out [not our waistlines] and hunt down the very best cupcakes in LA.  We researched all the best spots and created a top ten list of the best of the best,  so here you have it - our LA cupcake tour.


Honestly, every cupcake I have tried at Sprinkles has been amazing.  You can't go wrong with the Red Velvet and I also love any of the fruit flavors like the Banana and Key Lime.  The unique thing about Sprinkles is that they have the first cupcake ATM, and they have also opened their own ice cream shop that is just as delicious as their famous cupcakes.  I think Sprinkles has done an amazing job with branding themselves and with their whole design in each shop.  You can't come to California without getting a Sprinkles cupcake.


I am so impressed with Georgetown Cupcakes.  They are a perfect size because they are smaller than other cupcake shops and they are really moist inside.  I loved the Salted Caramel and the Coconut is delicious because there are pieces of coconut in it which I love.  The Robertson Blvd. location is my favorite because it's right along a street full of hip and trendy shops.  I'm so glad this east coast shop made it out to us.


Magnolia Bakery is the cutest shop with an old bakery feel complete with darling aprons for sale.  We love the Vanilla cupcakes, but I think you should just go straight for the Banana Pudding because it is unreal.  This shop is big enough to sit down and enjoy your treats in a cute place.


Another great stop is Susie Cakes.  Their specialty is cakes so of course they make great cupcakes, but I love that they offer just a slice of cake and for me that's even better than the cupcake because the layers of frosting are so good.  They have a Red Velvet cupcake fill with frosting inside that rivals Sprinkles and of course I love the Tropical Coconut Cake.  


We had to try out Crumbs Bake Shop because they are so well known for their big, layered, and innovative cupcakes.  They are each covered in toppings and no such thing as a plain or simple cupcake, even down to the frosting inside.  We loved the Apple Cobbler and Vanilla Sprinkle cupcakes.  Also if you are a chocolate fan, the Peanut Butter Cup is rich and delicious.   


Frosted Cupcakery is a perfect treat stop if you are in the south bay.  The Pumpkin and Strawberry are our recommendations and I also like that they have ice cream filled cupcakes as well as unique flavors of the week usually topped with candy.  This shop has a fun modern design that you need to make a visit.  

A few other must try cupcake shops in southern California are Joan's On Third in LA , Big Man Bakes in LA, Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank, and Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica.

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