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LA Donut Tour

LA Donut Tour

Even though LA is all about the juice bars and acai bowl craze, there are definitely a lot of donut fans here because there is a shop on about every corner.  I'd say they are just as popular as cupcakes and especially with the cronut being the latest and greatest thing, donuts are really in the spotlight right now.  So with National Donut Day being on June 1st, we wanted to take advantage of this great holiday and see just where all the best donuts are in LA and here are some of our favorites.  You can also find our LA cupcake tour here.

It was so hard to narrow down our favorite spots so here are our other favorites we would recommend as well - Bob's Coffee & Donuts [at the original Farmer's Market at the Grove] for the maple bar, Nickel Diner [downtown LA], Golden Donuts [North Hollywood], Donut Snob [Echo Park] for the salted caramel and berry best, Ms Donuts [Echo Park] for an old-fashioned donut, Donut Friend [Highland Park] for the coconut cream doughnut, Primo's Donuts for the buttermilk doughnut, and the best cronut is at Semi-Sweet Bakery [downtown LA] but they like to call it the "crullant".  Hope you enjoy a few of these donuts [or a dozen!].

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