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Lessons on Motherhood

Lessons on Motherhood


Our little Capri turned one years old yesterday and I've been replaying the day she was born over in my head all day [you can read about it here] and also reflecting about the past year.  It's been the fastest year of my life with so much that has happened and I feel like I have learned so many things that parenthood teaches you in ways that nothing else can.  Here are a few of those lessons that motherhood has taught me.


I am naturally a perfectionist and a planner so I try really hard to have every detail of things planned out to be prepared, but I've learned things most likely don't go how you have them planned out so don't worry and just enjoy the ride.  Every moment from when you get pregnant to how your labor will go to your babies personality are completely out of your control and won't go how you have it detailed out in your mind so just be prepared for change and embrace it.  The little things in life that I used to have such control over when all I had to worry about was me, have been thrown out the window and now I have just embraced that I can't sweat the small things like my house not always being perfectly put together because a little girl tears it apart everyday or the fact that she always seems to spill or spit up on my clothes that are dry clean only or the baby food crumbles that are constantly spilled in the backseat of my once clean car or how it takes twice as long to go anywhere and being on time is sometimes out of your control.  So many things in life that we think are so important at the moment really don't matter in the big scheme of things so just don't sweat the small stuff.


Before I became a mom, I was told by a lot of people that it goes by so fast and I believed them that it would, but I didn't know that it would go by this fast!  It feels like I was just pregnant even though it's been a year.  I have tried to enjoy every phase that Capri is at because I know that she will be at the next step before I know it and then I'll be wishing she was back in my arms.  One of my favorite things was when she was a newborn babe and would sleep on my chest because she loved that position more than anything, just curled up on you, and I would be so tired that somedays you just want some sleep to yourself but now I just want to cuddle her a little longer each night even though she can fall asleep on her own in her crib and doesn't need me to fall asleep.  They just grow up so fast, so enjoy every single day and every single phase even when it seems like the next one will be better. 


Part of being a mother is selflessly serving others as you are constantly putting others needs before your own, but I think it's important that you don't get lost in the daily tasks of doing everything for those around you that you forget to take care of yourself.  You need attention and time to yourself too.  I think when you make sure that your own needs are met that you will be a better wife and mother because you can offer your best self.  It makes a huge difference to me when I'm taking care of my body because I have more energy to play with my little one and tackle my to do list everyday, and it also means taking care of yourself mentally.  This is really important.  You need time to yourself to do whatever makes you happy whether it's a hobby, or going out with girlfriends for some adult interaction, or reading a good book [that's not about parenting], or just shopping by yourself and getting some quality alone time.  Don't forget that you need to grow as you are helping your little ones grow because it's your life too.

I love being a mom more than anything.  I just feel like it's my whole purpose in life and it's so amazing the love I have for our little girl; I would do anything for her.  Even though there are hard moments every single day and I feel like I am inadequate at times with so much I am still learning about every phase she is in, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.  I am so grateful I have been given this blessing to be a mom and learn so many of these valuable life lessons.  I'd love to hear your comments of lessons you have gained so I can learn from you too.

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