Albion Fit Giveaway

Happy Monday!! I'm so excited for the fun giveaway I have going on this week because I love this company.  If you've followed my blog for awhile now then you know how much I love Albion Fit and everything they have from great workout gear, to the cutest swimsuits, and even little tiny workout gear for little girls - I mean come on, how cute is that?!  I am always wanting so many items on their site.  And I really do think that when you have great looking clothes to workout in, then you feel better about yourself while doing it.  Plus it makes that early morning wake up call a little easier.  I also love how their clothes are so cute that I don't feel bad when I end up keeping them on all day because I didn't have time to shower while hurrying and juggling my two kids and taking off to run some quick errands.  Workout gear that also functions as a comfy outfit on-the-go is a win-win for me.  It's taken me longer to get into a workout routine since having baby number two because my free time is so limited, but when I do get a small workout in or a quick run, it feels amazing.  I have found myself really craving different forms of exercises to switch things up like yoga and cardio barre that I was taking before I got pregnant with Liam, so I can't wait to get back into all of it regularly now and hopefully run another race soon.  These amazing floral print leggings are inspiring me;)  

So if you're like me and love yourself some really cute workout gear, then head on over to my instagram @chelseyhale and enter to win a gift card to go shop at Albion.  Good luck!!

hoodie - albion fit | leggings - albion fit c/o | sports bra - albion fit c/o | tank top - albion fit c/o | shoes - nike | nails - sally hansen miracle gel