Bump Nest Pregnancy pillow

Last week I shared my favorite pregnancy items in this post and today I wanted to talk a little bit more about this amazing pregnancy pillow that my little girl has nicknamed "the snake" because seriously I think every mama-to-be needs one.  First off, not all pregnancy pillows are created equal and the ones by Bump Nest are a cut above the rest because of so many things.  Not only are they super functional with a shape that fits to your body to give you great support, but they also have the cutest covers I've seen that are conveniently removable to be washed.  I didn't have a pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant with my little girl and I wanted one so bad, so I borrowed one from my friend and it was so nice of her to share it with me but I gave it back to her after and knew I would be missing out this pregnancy without one - especially since I've gotten way more uncomfortable sleeping a lot sooner.  I did some research and loved the Bump Nest pillows that I discovered and quickly found out that they were way more amazing than anything else out there.  Most other pillows don't even come with a cover to put over it, so it's like good luck trying to find one large enough to fit that.  I really think that sleep is so important as a mom and especially as a pregnant mom, so anything to help with this I will welcome with open arms.  Your body is already going through so many changes and discomforts making room for a little growing baby inside that the best thing you can do is make yourself extra comfortable to get the much needed rest you want.  If you're in the market for a great pregnancy pillow, or just need something to help you be more comfortable in bed I would highly recommend checking them out!

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