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Must Have Pregnancy Items

Must Have Pregnancy Items

So let's talk pregnancy for a minute.  I haven't talked much about mine and now that I am in the middle of my second trimester, I think it's time I share a few things from my second go at this.  I used to keep weekly updates with my first pregnancy and it's fun to look back on what I was feeling at the time because we forget so easily after we go through it.  That's actually one of the most common questions I get asked from people "is this pregnancy the same as your first one?  are they different?".  And the answer is that yes they are similar in ways but also really different and I think that a lot of the differences seem to come from having a girl versus a boy.  Like with my girl pregnancy I craved more salty things like french fries and with this boy pregnancy I am totally craving sweets and candy which is so unlike me.  But it also goes to show that every pregnancy is so different for everyone and just because you've been through this before doesn't mean you know what's going to come.  With my first pregnancy I couldn't eat any fruits or veggies the first trimester because anything healthy made me super nauseas [especially salads and salad dressing which is like my favorite food] so I just wanted bland foods and carbs basically.  But this time around I haven't had any food aversions so I have eaten pretty much all kinds of food the whole time, except that I have gotten sick more this go-around and when I have it's been really bad - like up all night puking.  I have also been super tired but that is the same as my first one and my body has just grown to pregnancy form much quicker this time.  It has also really flown by this time, I think because it hasn't been the only thing I think about all day like it was with Capri.  I was so consumed in everything about my first pregnancy and reading dozens of books and checking what size she was every day, but now I am very busy taking care of another child that I don't have the time to just consume myself solely with this little growing babe.  This can be a good thing though because it's taken my mind off of being pregnant and I feel like the due date will be here before I know it.  Even though it's hard at times what you have to go through physically during a pregnancy, it really is such a miracle and so incredible to think of what your body is capable of and I feel so grateful and excited to be experiencing this again.

And during this crazy and amazing time of life with so much changing and so many different things your body is going through, you definitely need things to help you along the way to maybe make things a little easier, so I've put together some of my essentials and why I think you should have them too.  And let me know if you have another must-have item I need to add to the list!

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| MATERNITY WEAR | even though I always try to squeeze into my regular clothes as long as I can without having to buy maternity pieces, there are items that will make your life so much easier getting dressed and you will feel a lot more comfortable.  A good pair of leggings are a must as well as a great pair of sweats that are also cute enough to wear out to run errands if you need to.  I love long tops that cover my belly and hopefully my bum too, as well as long sweaters that can be draped on as a light layer and quickly be shed if you start to have hot flashes;)  These items paired with some cute flats are my ideal go-to look.

| COMFY DRESSES |  I have pretty much been living in loose fitting comfy dresses over here and they have been a life saver.  They are perfect because they can easily be dressed up into a cute outfit but then they feel good enough to curl up into bed with.  I love to wear them throughout my entire pregnancy because at the beginning when you are feeling bloated but haven't told anyone you are pregnant yet, they hide your little bump easy and feel comfy when you're sick.  Then they feel great as you do get a bigger belly and pretty soon you don't want to wear pants anymore so they become the best thing, even when you first get home from the hospital with your new babe.

| WATER BOTTLE |  this is a must because it's crazy how thirsty you get while pregnant, it's like you can never quench your thirst and have to just keep chugging tons of water, so I always take a water bottle with me everywhere.  And this doesn't necessarily end after pregnancy because if you breastfeed then you will need to be drinking every time you are feeding.  So invest in a great water bottle you love.

| BOYFRIEND JEANS | it's hard when you quickly don't fit into your regular skinny jeans anymore that you love, but I have found that my boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite things to wear while pregnant and they fit pretty much the whole time.  You can also do the elastic trick of tying one around your waist button on your jeans to stretch the waist further when you need more room, or get a belly band.  These jeans are great because they fit your legs that usually grow a little bigger right along with your belly and they are comfy and relaxed.  You can dress them up with heels or be casual with flip flops and sneakers.  I like the distressed look on them and think they are a style that everyone can wear.  They call them boyfriend jeans for a reason, because your boyfriends clothes always feel more comfortable than your own;)

| SNEAKERS | I love the sneaker trend going on right now because it has finally made it acceptable to wear sneakers with a totally chic outfit and it looks ok.  I mean how cute are these gold trimmed New Balance ones?!  I love them and I love all the other styles available.  It makes life as a busy mom and pregnant gal so much easier when there are cute shoe options out there that are comfy and something your feet can wear the entire day without feeling tired.  I also love slip-on sneakers without laces because they're so quick and easy and look as simple as a flat but offer your foot more support.  This is important with your growing belly because you might get back pains or also numbness in your feet from slow-circulation.

| SOOTHING SKIN LOTION | my feet get so tired while pregnant and nothing feels better than having them rubbed at night before I go to bed so I love this lotion.  It's perfect for hands and feet and super moisturizing so it heels dry skin and helps to repair from winter climates.

| MANICURE & PEDICURE | you definitely need some pampering while pregnant and one of my favorite pick-me ups is a fresh mani and pedi.  Even if I just paint my nails at home, I instantly feel better about my appearance because you look so much more put-together with some pretty nails.  I think it's hard when you don't have control over your changing body which is where a lot of us get our confidence from when you feel in-shape, so I think you need other ways to make yourself feel good in your new body like freshly painted nails or a bright lip color or some cute accessories or your hair done.

| LIP BALM | I always put lip balm on my lips at night to help heal any dryness and also they will be so much better with lipstick the next day.  But a lot of times when I am just in comfy workout clothes and I've been busy running errands through the day, I try to remember at least to have some lip balm on because your lips need to stay hydrated and moisturized just as much as the rest of your skin and face.

| OIL FOR STRETCH MARKS |  I am very lucky that I didn't get any stretch marks from my first pregnancy, but I am a little nervous this time around because I feel like your skin can only stretch so much which is why I love using an oil that is specifically designed to help prevent stretch marks and with elasticity in your skin.  It feels great too on your chest and sore growing nipples [hope that's not TMI].

| PREGNANCY BOOKS |  there are so many great books out there for pregnancy and parenting so I tried to read as many as I could with my first pregnancy.  It's always important to remember though that even though there's lots of great advice, you yourself are the parent and you know what's best for you and your child and sometimes you just have to listen to your motherly instincts.  I would highly recommend Bringing Up Bebe.

| MASSAGE LOTION | your growing pregnant body comes with lots of aches and pains and it feels so good to get a nice rub down in those sore spots with this amazing massage lotion.  It's so much better to use a lotion specifically designed for massaging rather than your regular lotion because this formula has essential oils in it that are targeted to help sore muscles and joints, plus you also get a cooling and warming sensation when rubbing the problem areas.  It also smells really good and will leave your skin feeling soft, not greasy.  

| PREGNANCY APPS | it's definitely a must to have a pregnancy app on your phone because it's the quickest way to get information daily and all of us have our phones with us mostly all the time so it's easier than carrying a book around.  I have really liked the Baby Center pregnancy app because it sends you daily reminders of the progress of your baby and you get daily tips of things you should be doing in your pregnancy as well as things you should be checking off your to-do list before your baby arrives.  They have great drawings to get a good visual of each stage your baby is at each week.

| BODY PILLOW | your pregnant body really needs some help getting comfortable at night and with this second pregnancy I have found that I am way more uncomfortable sooner than I was the first time around, so having a body pillow that fits your whole body comfortably is a life saver and SO much better than trying to stuff a bunch of different pillows around you.  So get one and soak up your beauty sleep while you can!

| PRENATAL VITAMINS | these vitamins are a great option because at the start of my pregnancy I was taking the other typical pregnancy brand ones with two different pills you take each day and I took them in the morning when I woke up right before breakfast and they made me so sick I had to stop.  I literally had to choke them down every time.  Then I found these vitamins which are supposed to be gentle on the stomach and they have been so much better.  I also switched to taking them at night and I think that helped as well.

| HUMIDIFIER | I always get a stuffy nose while I'm pregnant and just this last weekend I got sick with a bad cold that started in my throat.  I could barely sleep at night because it hurt so bad and now it has moved into the nose and I have to carry a tissue box with me everywhere.  So it's probably likely that you might catch a little something while pregnant and I think sleeping with a humidifier can help with a lot of these symptoms, plus you will definitely want to have one with your baby so you might as well get it before hand.

| HIGH-QUALITY BLENDER | we love our Vitamix blender so much and I think it's such a great pregnancy item as well because sometimes a smoothie is the best way for you to get all the nutrients you really need.  If you are like my first pregnancy and the thought of eating salad makes you gag or smelling veggies is disgusting then a great way to still eat your greens is with a green smoothie.  You can also make delicious fruit smoothies and mix some protein in there.  My husband makes green smoothies every morning and we love them and it's been such a great way for me to get more greens in.  Fruit is also a great way to help curb my sugar cravings so I try to reach for that instead of a dessert item like cookies and ice cream.  Pregnancy is definitely a time when you want to be aware of what's going into your body and also to make sure that you are getting your baby all the proper nutrition that they need to grow and develop.

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