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Birds Nest Treats for Easter

Birds Nest Treats for Easter

I wanted to make a fun little Easter treat that my little girl could help me with since she loves when I let her do a job in the kitchen, so when I found out about these cute birds nests treats I knew we had to make them.  We put them together last night to bring to some friends as a neighbor gift and I think they were a big hit.  There isn't any baking involved with these so they are the perfect easy thing to make with kids.  I made up a little gift tag to wrap up with them if you want to use them for a Easter gift so you can download it below.  Hope you have a great Easter week!



makes 12 nests


1 tablespoon of unsalted butter, for greasing the muffin pan

6 ounces [1/2 bag] of milk chocolate chips [I prefer Ghirardelli]

6 ounces [1/2 bag] of butterscotch chips

1 cup creamy peanut butter [I prefer Trader Joe's creamy salted natural PB]

6 ounces [1/2 of a large bag] of chow mien noodles 

36 mini Cadbury eggs



1 |  Generously grease the wells of a muffin pan with the butter [this will help later when you are taking out the chilled nests].

2 |  In a large microwave-proof bowl, heat the chocolate and butterscotch chips in 30 second intervals until thoroughly melted, stirring after each increment.  [it took me three times of 30-second intervals]

3 |  Once melted, add the peanut butter to the chocolate/ butterscotch mixture, mixing well until smooth and completely combined.

4 |  Carefully add the chow mien noodles, stirring with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula, until completed coated.

5 |  Using a large spoon, mold the mixture into the wells of your muffin tin, indenting the tops slightly with the back of the spoon.

6 |  Chill the nests until hardened, about 1 hour or so.

7 |  Once chilled, gently remove the nests from the muffin tin.  [I used a butter knife as a lever to pop them out and it worked great]

8 |  Place three eggs [or colored jelly beans] on the tops of each nest and enjoy!


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