Spring Cleaning Tips

I can't believe April is here already!  And now that we are right in the middle of Spring, I've gotten a little spring cleaning fever around here [maybe it's a mix of my pregnancy nesting mode] but I thought it would be fun today to share a spring cleaning checklist and a few tips.  It's really hard to keep up with deep cleaning your house all the time, let alone just keeping it tidy so I think it's nice when you can just focus on one thing at a time and check each one off as you go.  Don't stress about getting it all done in one day, but maybe try to have a spring cleaning week where you can tackle a few things each day and then by the end of the week your house will be sparkly clean.  It's really great to have this time of year to focus on cleaning some things that you don't always get around to as well like having your carpets shampooed, or cleaning all your pillow inserts [yes not just the pillow covers], and organizing your closets.  I love getting rid of things and making my closet more organized so start going through things and ask yourself these questions - have I worn it in the last year?  if I saw it in a store today would I buy it?  will you honestly wear it again?  if the answers are no than toss it in a goodwill pile and don't look back.  Happy Spring Cleaning!!