Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day coming right up this next Sunday, I thought I'd share a little gift guide to help you find that perfect item for that special lady in your life because what would we all do without moms right?!  I had heard that you never really know how much your mom loves you until you become a mom yourself and I think this is so true.  I have always been close with my mom and always loved and appreciated everything she has done for me on a daily basis [or atleast I thought I did] but I'll never forget the special time that we had together when she flew into town for my birthday two years ago and I went into labor the very next day and had our sweet baby girl, Capri and then she stayed with us for another week taking care of every little thing from the dirty dishes, to making sure I always had something to eat, to doing the laundry, going to the first pediatrician appointment, and helping out so much that I was in tears when she left because I knew that this special time we had spent together from my water breaking and helping me through a tough 24 hour labor to bringing our baby girl home, was over.  I will forever be grateful for that time.  The first moment I laid eyes on my little girl, I knew I loved her more than anything and that I would do anything for her, even give my life for her.  Now I know how deep a mother's love runs and that your children are a piece of your heart walking outside of you.  I hope that every mother and soon-to be mom knows how special they are and that they truly deserve the very best.

I think each of these gifts are something that every girl and mom would love, plus they are great things to pick up last minute if you haven't gotten something already.  And in addition to these fun things, I think everyone needs a little pampering so giving something like a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial or blow out is high on my list.  I also think that something sentimental like framed photographs or a picture book are a priceless gift any mother would love.  Hope this guide helps you find the perfect item for those special ladies in your life.

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