Life with Two

As we are getting adjusted to life with two kids now, there are definitely challenges and hard moments that come with all the new baby joys.  It's a huge task to get out the door with two kids in tow, let alone getting everyone ready including myself.  Our little two year old is at the trickiest stage for taking pictures and doesn't want to sit still long enough to smile for the camera.  She won't even fall for a good bribe anymore;)  So this is me basically trying to wrangle her in while holding Liam close to me because he loves being held as much as possible and wishing I had more arms to spread around these two.  It seems surreal that three weeks has flown by since he was born, but at the same time it feels like he's been with us much longer than a month.  I go back and forth between wanting time to slow down and be able to soak up this snuggly newborn stage that I love [even if I'm not getting any sleep] and wanting time to speed up until he's older and we're able to pick up with our adventurous lives more that Capri is used to - like going out and seeing new places, being at the beach, and enjoying the outdoors.  But if there's one thing I've learned as a parent it's that time flies by faster than ever before and I feel like I blinked and Capri grew up right in front of us.  For now I'm just taking it one day at a time and enjoying this wonderful time with our little family and feeling so blessed that I get to be a mama to these darlings.

sweater - anthropologie | jeans - seven via fit code c/o | clogs - lotta of stockholm c/o | sunnies - sole society c/o | earrings - nordstrom | bracelet - j.crew | watch - jord wood watches c/o

swaddle blanket - little unicorn | capri's dress - gap kids | shoes - zara | bow - pitchoun designs