Traveling with Solly Baby

We just got back from a trip to see our families in Utah and to bless our sweet little Liam.  This was my first time flying alone with two kids, and even though I have flown a dozen of times alone with Capri, I was a little nervous because two has me out-numbered!  As we packed up the car with the suitcases and both carseats taking up the backseat, it was pretty hard to fit the double stroller in there so I decided I could just handle the kids by myself if we did curbside check-in and I wore Liam in the baby wrap.  Well luckily he loves that thing and slept the whole time except for the few moments he woke up to eat.  It was such a breeze and I'm so grateful Capri actually listened to me and held my hand while walking around.  The thing I love about the baby wrap is how soft and snugly it is for them, plus it folds up easy in your carry-on bag.  I think the babies love how it feels like they are wrapped up in a blanket too!  I just kept it tied around me when I took him out to eat so it was easy to slip him back in when I needed to which also made things easy.  I really don't know how moms survived without them, they have helped me out so much with two kids!  So in addition to a few other traveling tips, I would highly recommend a baby wrap - I promise you'll thank me later;)

dress - gap | wrap - solly baby c/o | baby romper - gap kids | baby shoes - freshly picked | shoes - j.crew [similar] | tote bag - j.crew | glasses - karen walker | lips - maybelline neon red | earrings - nordstrom | watch - michael kors | bracelets - spartina 449 c/o