Best Toddler Bathtub Toys

Bath time has always been one of my favorite things with my babies because they have both loved it right from the beginning.  Our bedtime routine with the kids always starts with a bath after dinner, and then getting them ready into pajamas for stories and prayers before bed.  It is so much easier now that Liam can sit up and play in the bath with Capri instead of doing two different baths, so we have made it a lot more fun with some new bathtub toys thanks to Munchkin.  Great bathtub toys make a huge difference when getting your kids to love the bath. Capri loves all of the letters and numbers that stick to the tiles as well as the little suction cups that you can pour water into.  It really makes the bath so much better when they are entertained with fun bathtub toys (and the only problem is trying to get them out;).

What things do you do at night as part of your bedtime routine with kids?

What are your kids favorite bathtub toys?