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What's in my beauty bag

What's in my beauty bag

Welcome to my first edition of what's in my beauty bag?!  I've been wanting to start this new series here because there are lots of different skincare and makeup products that I try every month and sometimes it's hard to let you know about every single thing I'm loving, so I wanted to put together a post at the end of each month to let you know what is my very favorite tried and true items that have been getting used constantly in my beauty bag.  These are not sponsored in any way and strictly my own likes and opinions so hope you enjoy and are able to find some new great products for your own bag.

DERMALOGICA FACE CREAM - you all know of my love for this brand because I've been using it for awhile and mentioned it here before, but this face cream has been so great this past month because I took a couple months off of it to try a new product and the results weren't so great and my skin has been so happy getting back to this stuff!  I'm serious when I say you will love it.   Perfect for morning and night after you wash your face.

BOBBI BROWN LIP BALM - I got this last year as a prep for lipstick, but it saved my skin while I was in the dry Utah climate for a month this winter and now I have to put it on every night before I go to bed and it's been amazing for my lips.  I completely hydrates and helps repair any dry skin.  Your lips will be lipstick ready by morning.

BARE MINERALS OIL OBSESSED CLEANSING OIL - this is a new cleansing wash I've been using the past month and I have to say I really like it.  It's light and feels really refreshing.  I thought that using an oily cleanser would be bad for my skin, but it's actually been the opposite.  It feels amazing and helps balance out my combination dry to oily skin.

PMD PERSONAL MICRODERM - I have also talked about how great this product is before, but I didn't use it for awhile and just started back again and you guys it seriously is a game changer!! My skin has needed a major refresher lately so I started using this once a week and I can already tell how good it has been for my skin.  I know have time to go and get facials very often so I feel like this is the next best thing to get a spa treatment with fast results in my very own home.

BARE MINERALS BARESKIN CONCEALER - this little thing has been my best friend lately!  I love it when I'm in a hurry [which is basically everyday] and I don't want too much makeup on, just some good coverage.  It is perfect under your eyes to hide dark circles and to get any blemishes or discoloring on your face.  It is very light and blends super easy and you still get a natural "no-makeup" look while still feeling covered.

LIVING PROOF DRY SHAMPOO - I've had a few friends recommend this to me so I had to try it out and now I'm telling everyone to get it because it's the best!  Dry shampoo is my saving grace and now I hardly wash my hair more than once or twice a week now.  It works great with dark hair and won't leave any white powder, plus it smells good too.

BARE MINERALS FAUX TAN BODY - as we are getting into swimsuit season I think everyone needs a little self tanner to give your body a nice base color before hitting the beach.  I am also super protective of skin and laying out now so I think a self-tanner is so great to get that look of sun-kissed skin.  I love this one because the color isn't orange at all and looks very natural with results that show up right away.

MAKEUP BAG - I recently picked this up while doing a target run the other day because every once in awhile I think it's good to replace your makeup bag and start fresh so everything stays clean.  I like the bigger size of this so that I can fit everything in here while traveling without having to use ziplock bags for some bigger items

BEAUTY COUNTER LIPSTICK - I have been loving these lipsticks this month because they are so creamy and kind of feel like a colored lip balm instead of a lipstick.  I love the colors that they have and also am obsessed with the perfect slim gold case that fits easily anywhere.

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