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What's in my beauty bag

What's in my beauty bag

I'm back with another edition of What's In My Beauty Bag and this month has some really great items!  It's taken me longer to get this one together because I have been using these products and just wanted to make sure I tried and loved them all, so that's what happened and now I'm committed to them.  All of these items are ones that you will want in your beauty bag, especially for this summer.  

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1 |   PERFECT HAIR BRUSH - This brush is so good because it can be used on wet or dry hair and gets out the toughest of tangles.  It also is the perfect size - not too big and not too small

2 |   MAKEUP BAG - Right when I saw this bag I thought it was so cute and even the lining on the inside is darling.  I love the size to fit everything in and also that you can easily wipe off the outside.

3 |   SULTRA STRAIGHTENER - This is a straightener and curling wand all in one so it's perfect for traveling.  It is slim and easy to use plus it heats up fast making it easy to quickly get your hair done and I love how soft it leaves your hair feeling.  This is great for getting those beach waves.

4 |   HAIR CLIPS - These clips are a must-have for getting your hair done!  They work perfect to keep your hair up under a shower cap and they help you blow-dry it in layers, but also hold curls without ruining them.

5 |   SHOWER CAP - I used to think my grandma was the only one that wore a shower cap, but they are really essential ladies!  I only wash my hair a couple of times a week so this is a life saver when I need to shower but don't want my hair getting wet and frizzy

6 |   SEAMLESS BUFFING BRUSH - A perfect companion for the new blemish remedy foundation.  It gives a very smooth finish to your face while giving that complete coverage that you want.  And I also like how short it is that it makes it easy to fit into a makeup bag.

7 |   BLEMISH REMEDY FOUNDATION - This is the latest product from Bare Minerals and I love it!  The buffing brush works perfectly to smooth your face out and it's so quick to apply.

8 |   GLO MINERALS TINTED PRIMER - I love the light weight feeling of this primer.  It's like putting on a thin moisturizer that gives you some coverage without looking like you have makeup on.  I love it when I'm in a rush in the morning and I can just put this on to run errands and feel like my face isn't completely naked.

9 |   BARE MINERALS BLEMISH REMEDY PREP GEL - This is the primer that goes with the blemish remedy foundation and I can't tell you what a difference primers came make on your makeup application.  They smooth out everything on your skin and help to give your makeup a better finish once applied.

10 |   CHARCOAL RESCUE MASQUE - You all know I love Dermalogica products for my face and this new face mask that came out this year is another amazing product.  It is the perfect skin refresher every other week and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.  It's hard to make it to the spa as a mom so this is the next best thing.

11 |   BOBBI BROWN LIPSTICK - I love this guava lipstick shade for summer because it is a peachy pink that has a hint of orange which is like my favorite combo.  It's a perfect lip shade to accent a tan without being too bold.  I also love bobbi brown lipstick because it lasts a long time on your lips and doesn't bleed off your lip line

12 |   NUE LASH SERUM - I was introduced to this product awhile ago by a friend and it has been so great at growing my lashes out again because I feel like I really lost them while I was pregnant 

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