King of The Wild 1st Birthday Party

I know that everyone says how fast the first year of your child's life goes and that they can't believe that they are turning one years old, but really it's so true.  I really feel like this past year went even faster than it did with Capri.  It's like I blinked and my baby boy is turning into a toddler with his cute little curls and blonde streaks that are getting lighter every single day.  We thought since turning one years old is such a momentous occasion we wanted to have a party to celebrate him.  We always remember the first party we threw for Capri that was an island of Capri theme so I wanted to do something for our Liam Kingston, so a King of the Wild things party seemed fitting.  I had Adam design these invitations to go with the theme and then we made signs around the party to match.  We had a drink station that was the watering hole with different lemonades, sodas, and water.  For the dinner spread we had pulled pork sandwiches on hawaiian sweet rolls with cole slaw and fruit and vegetables with dip and chips.  I also had some jars with different kinds of animal crackers where the kids could fill up a bag to snack on.  The cake and cupcakes were vanilla with buttercream frosting and then I passed out ice cream popsicles as well.  I never want anyone to leave from a party at my house hungry so I think we had everyone pretty full by the end;)  It was so fun to have so many of our friends come - some that we've known from our first apartment in Pasadena to our new friends in our new neighborhood and each of them have become our family here.  I think a highlight of the party was the face painting station where Adam did different animals on each of the kids faces.  I didn't know if all of the kids would be into it, but there was a big line of everyone waiting to get their face painted and lots of people shocked that Adam knew how to do it - I guess he's got lots of hidden talents.  And Liam couldn't have been happier to finally taste some sweets and dive into his cake.  He was timid at first but then just went for it and covered himself.  It was such a great day to celebrate our little King and we even sent everyone home after a water balloon fight.  We definitely ended with a bang.

paper fans - amazon | plastic animals - amazon | gold spray paint - amazon | giant balloons - amazon | gold number one balloon - amazon | cake stand - world market | cake topper - alex mattox design | white dishes - pottery barn | candles - world market | table runner - world market | drink stands - sur la table | drink jars - world market | paper straws - amazon