Layering for Spring Fashion

Spring is starting to make an appearance here with warmer days that feel oh so good!  I don't mean to complain about our pretty perfect weather here in SoCal, but this winter has been so wet and cold that I'm really ready for the warmer months ahead.  But since the evenings are still pretty chilly and the weather goes up and down during the day, it's all about layers for this time of year and I have had this jacket on repeat lately.  It really is a must-have in your closet that I think would definitely be part of a "capsule wardrobe" if I officially had one.  As I get older I'm really trying to invest in the key staple pieces of my wardrobe that I can base all of my outfits around and go without as many pieces each season, but rather a few great ones.  All of these items I have on are from my favorite picks for this spring and should be on your must-have list as well.  You know how every season there is an "it" shoe that seems so perfect it goes with everything and you find that so many fashion bloggers are sporting it on instagram and you're dying to have it??!! Well this perfect wedge is just that.  It's actually a dupe of the dupe of the designer ones that are so expensive and these pretty things are a killer deal so I would snatch some up before they're sold out!  Hope you have a great week and thanks for following.