Shopping at Maude Woods

Some of you might not know this fun little fact, but the first place that Adam and I ever lived here in California was in Pasadena.  We lived right by Old Towne which is the most charming area of shops and restaurants and gorgeous tree-lined streets.  I always love going back up to Pasadena because it will always have a special place in my heart since it was our first home together.  And one of the best things about going up there is all the great stores and yummy food spots!  One of these shops in the beautiful area of Old Towne with cherry blossom trees lining the sidewalk is a store that you all need to know about, it's called Maude Woods.  It is a beautifully curated shop with a mixture of antiques and new treasures that really has something for everyone.  They have jewelry, baby gifts, and candles to unique glassware all the way from South Africa and you can't forget my favorite part - the pillow selection.  They have one of my very favorite brands, Jon Robshaw pillows and I love all of the fun patterns and colors they come in.  You can also find some great one-of-a kind furniture pieces here and some pretty artwork.  So plan a trip up to Pasadena and visit Maude Woods then head over to Green Street Restaurant for the diane salad and you'll see why it's on my must-do list.  You can follow me on my Instastories for more of adventures.  

Maude Woods - 55 East Holly Street - Pasadena California 91103