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Pasadena Tour Guide

When we moved out to California right after we got married, our first home was in Pasadena so we could be close to Adam's school.  Pasadena will always hold a special place in my heart because that's where we spent the first part of our life together as a married couple, that's where I first lived in a new state away from my family and everyone I know, that's where I made our first meals in that little kitchen, and that's where lots of memories were made.  We met some amazing friends there as well that we still keep in touch with because they are just too great not to.

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Green Street Restaurant

La Grande Orange Cafe for the homemade english muffins and salted chocolate chip cookies

Smitty's Grill 

Dog Haus Biergarten for a truly unique burger served on a hawaiian sweet roll

Julianne's for Brunch

Fair Oaks Pharmacy for a malt

Carmela Ice Cream for the best homemade gelato



Old Towne Pasadena Shopping

Gold Class Cinema

Rose Bowl and Flea Market

Rose Bowl Parade

Huntington Library and Gardens


Santa Anita Horse Races

Father of the Bride House

Master Wongs Foot Clinic

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