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Manhattan Beach Tour Guide

Manhattan Beach Tour Guide

I have teamed up with Quinny today to give you a little tour guide of our city and a few favorite local spots that we love walking around to.  I have always used a big stroller since Capri was born and I love the one we have, but it wasn't until Quinny had us try out the new Yezz super lightweight umbrella stroller that I was convinced it is a must-have.  It is so nice to have the option of a stroller so compact and easy to carry around when you are out and about and especially traveling this summer.  This stroller folds up really easy and can fit in any tight space, even the over-head of an airplane and there is a strap for you to carry it on your back.  One of the things that has always turned me off from small umbrella strollers is how they don't glide very smooth and the wheels aren't great, so I couldn't believe how smooth this one is.  The wheels are great and pivot amazing.  I'm so glad that there is a small stroller available that not only looks stylish, but makes your life so much easier while on the-go.  So hope you enjoy our tour guide that gives you a little taste of this city and our favorite spots that make walking around everywhere great.

Manhattan Beach pier


This is a definite must try spot if you are in town because it's soo good!  I've mentioned before, but one of our favorite weekend traditions is bike riding along the beach to get a paradise bowl for breakfast.  They are delicious Acai and Pitaya smoothies covered in a variety of toppings like granola with different fruit and you can get agave or honey on top too.  I love the acai bowl combo called Manhattan Peach.  This is a perfect spot to walk to from the pier and you can take them to eat right on the beach.

paradise bowls manhattan beach
quinny yezz yellow stroller
paradise bowls
quinny yezz stroller


Just down the street from Paradise Bowls, this bakery is so tasty.  They have amazing cronuts if you can get there early in the morning before they are gone.  It's also a great spot to grab lunch to-go on the beach.  My favorite is the chicken salad sandwich on squaw bread with an oatmeal lace cookie on the side.

beckers bakery manhattan beach
becker's bakery manhattan beach


This delicious spot is all over LA, but the one on Manhattan Beach Blvd. is our go-to spot.  You can walk up the street from the pier and enjoy lunch or dinner here.  Everyone I have taken here always loves it!  They have a big menu with a variety of healthy options and they change out things based on produce that's in season.  My favorite thing to get is a 3 or 4 plate platter with a variety of the different salads available, and of course a lemonade on the side.  My current favorite is the orange blood - it's so good, I crave it all the time!  And if you have room for dessert, the cupcakes and macarons are amazing.

Lemonade Manhattan Beach
Quinny Yezz stroller
Quinny Yezz yellow stroller
quinny yezz stroller
Lemonade Manhattan Beach
Lemonade Manhattan Beach
lemonade la


We can't forget the Manhattan Beach Creamery because it is home of the best treat ever, the cookie ice cream sandwich - also known as a "creamwich" and they are my favorite treat.  They are so good because they make everything fresh here and I promise you can taste the difference.  Even when you walk inside the smell alone just draws you in to all of their tasty desserts.  You can create your own ice cream sandwich out of any flavors or they always have the classic flavors ready to go and if you're feeling crazy you can get it dipped in chocolate as well.  A really fun spot to come get a treat during the day or to walk over after dinner.

manhattan beach creamery
ice cream cookie sandwich
manhattan beach creamery
creamwich icecream sandwich
manhattan beach tour guide
manhattan beach boulevard


The central icon of Manhattan beach is the pier.  There are always people fishing here and you can stroll down to the end and visit the little aquarium that's fun for kids to see.  We love coming to the beach here not just because it's right by our neighborhood, but because the surfing is great and it's really family friendly.  My daughter loves going on stroller walks to swing on the beach swings on the sand.  They also have lots of volleyball nets set up and tournaments going on the end of the summer.

manhattan beach
Quinny Yezz travel stroller
Manhattan Beach Pier
Quinny Yezz stroller in yellow
Quinny Yezz Stroller
Quinny Yezz stroller

A few other things going on here that are fun to go to and stroller friendly are the farmers market that is every Wednesday and Saturday, where they also have train rides for kids.  And not too far away is another shopping center called Plaza El Segundo filled with lots of places to eat and shop and they host Mommy & Me carnivals once a month.  We also love going to Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach where they have summer concerts going on right now and a beautiful pond to feed the ducks.  There is also a public outdoor pool there called Begg Swimming Pool that is open during the summer months.  Hope this gives you a taste of our favorites in Manhattan Beach and the south bay if you are planning to come out to LA this summer.  Nothing better than family trips to look forward to and fun new places to explore!

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