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Guest Post: Pregnancy Workout

Guest Post: Pregnancy Workout

I have another awesome guest post today from the other half of the duo over at Pure Fit Pure Food.  The fitness expert, Brecke has a workout that is great to do during pregnancy for all you prego mamas like me out there and I'm really excited to try it out.  She is a certified personal trainer as well as a certified group fitness instructor and has helped so many people reach their fitness and weight loss goals.  I love seeing her workouts that she posts on instagram because they are things I can do out of my house without having to go to the gym which is how it usually happens when you have little ones at home.  So give this workout a try and let's get the day started right!  Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us today Brecke!

Sometimes when you are pregnant the last thing you want to do is exercise!  It is true your body will probably not have any drastic changes while you are pregnant [besides weight gain and a growing belly] but who says we can't have some nice arms while pregnant??  Also, exercising does a lot of wonderful things while pregnant:

1 |   Boost Energy

2 |   Helps you sleep better

3 |   Prepares for childbirth

4 |   Helps you get back faster after having the baby

5 |   Studies show exercising moms can help heart disease and childhood obesity in their unborn children

Always talk to your doctor before exercising while pregnant.

Try these 4 exercises and you will definitely work up a sweat:

1 |   WALL SIT [with or without dumbbells] lower back against the wall, weight in the heels, chest is lifted.  Holding it for 30 seconds.

wall sit exercise

2 |   21's - 3 different kinds of bicep curls, weights on your sides curling the dumbbell up all the way 7 reps, curling the dumbbells and stopping at 90 degrees for 7 reps, starting at the top with the dumbbells and stopping at the 90 degree for 7 reps = 21 total reps and a great bicep burner

arm workout with dumbbells
arm workout

3 |   PUNCHES - standing tall take your dumbbells [palms are down] punch out in front of you - 12 reps each arm

arm workout with dumbbells

4 |   LUNGE UPPER CUT - in a lunge position, grab your dumbbells and keep them close to your chest then do small upper cut movements one arm at a time - changing the front leg when you switch arms - 12 reps each arm

lunge workout with weights
lunge workout

Try this circuit 4 times through.  You will feel great!


Brecke @purefitpurefood

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