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Guest Post: 30 Minute At Home Workout

Guest Post: 30 Minute At Home Workout


Today I have a special treat for you because my amazing sister, Brittney from Get Fit With Brit is sharing a great workout that can be done at home, whenever you have time in the day to fit in a workout.  Brittney is a certified personal trainer with a degree in nutrition as well, so she is the go-to gal for living a complete healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutritious eating.  What I love about her workouts are that she targets different muscles in your body that you don't normally use so your workout never gets boring and you keep getting results.  You can follow her along on instagram for daily workout tips or check out her blog

Hey everybody!  I'm so excited to be featured on West Coast Capri, and to share an awesome workout with you guys.  A little bit about me, I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and helping others do the same.  I love coming up with new and fun ways to break a sweat.  I believe that exercise should be enjoyable and not dreaded.  While I love spending time in the gym, I love to be outside even more and using the great outdoors as my gym.  Whether its hiking, biking, running, swimming, sports, paddle boarding, surfing, or skiing I love it all!


Here's a 30 minute full body work out that I love because it can pretty much be done anywhere, all you need is yourself and a bench!  It can also be made as hard or as easy as you want it to be by simply changing levels and angles.  I've included upper body, lower body, core, and cardio into this routine so you'll feel the benefits everywhere!  So turn on my playlist, grab a bench or some chairs, and lets whip that body into shape!


1.  Dips [works back of arms/triceps, and shoulders]

     How to - place hands on edge of bench, fingers facing forward

                  - feet out in front of you, knees bent for level one, knees straight for level two

                  - bend elbows keeping arms close to your side, then back to straight

2.  Plank [works core]

     How to - keep body in a straight line from neck to heels, abs held in tight

                  - level one = hands on bench, feet on ground

                  - level two = elbows on bench, feet on ground

                  - level three = hands on floor, feet up on the bench

3.  Step Over Lunges [works quads, glutes, hamstrings]

     How to - start with one leg up on the bench and one on the floor

                  - using your top leg strength step up and over the bench [foot stays on bench]

                  - repeat coming up and over the bench

4.  Decline/ Incline Push Ups [works chest, arms, core]

     How to - level one = hands on bench, feet on floor, body in straight line.  Push up

                   - level two = hands on floor, feet up on bench, body in straight line.  Push up

5.  Bench Donkey Kick [works shoulders, legs, heart rate]

     How to - hands gripping sides of bench, feet on one side of the bench

                  - keeping your hands in position, jump your feet up and over to the other side of the bench, repeat with speed

6.  Shoulder Pike Push Up [works shoulders, core]

     How to - hands on the floor and feet up on the bench, hips piked up towards the ceiling, body facing the floor

                  - bend elbows bring head towards the ground, then back up

7.  High Knee Tow Taps [works legs, heart rate]

     How to - stand facing the bench, alternate tapping toes on the top of bench, high knees, fast speed

8.  Hip Raises [works glutes, hamstrings]

     How to - lie on the ground facing up, with heels up on the middle of the bench

                  - using our glutes and hamstrings, raise your hips towards the ceiling, then back down

9.  Single Leg Hip Raises [Level 2 of above exercise]

     How to - same as before but one leg is up in the air and one leg is on the bench        

10.  Side Plank Raises [works obliques, core]

     How to - right arm starts on the bench, facing to the side, and feet stacked on the floor

                  - lift hips towards the ceiling, small pulse motion

                  - switch to the other side with left arm on the bench

                  - level 2 = raise top leg, bring knee to elbow, while keeping that bottom hip lifted

Perform 3 rounds of each exercise for 1 minute each, thats a 30 minute workout you can do at home with nothing more than a bench! 

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