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Guest Post: Arm Workout

Guest Post: Arm Workout

I'm so excited to have Britt from Get Fit With Britt back here guest posting again with an awesome arm workout that is just in time for these colder months as we are heading back to the gym instead of exercising outside all the time.  I think that arms are something every girl wants to improve whether it's to bulk up or to slim down and get toned, this workout will do the trick.  Hope you enjoy!  And follow Britt along on Instagram to get more of your daily fitness and nutrition tips.

Get Fit With Brit Guest Post

Whether it's a tank top, long sleeve t-shirt, swimsuit, or dress; lean and toned arms are a total game changer.  There's a common trend among women thinking weight training will bulk them up, but I'm here to assure you that is not the case.  There's certain guidelines you want to stay within,  but no matter what you do, it's very hard to get man arms if you have a women's DNA.  Along with looking great, some other awesome benefits are being able to carry in all your groceries, carry your kids around, and to impress your husband when you can open that stubborn jar all by yourself;)

Here are my guidelines for weight training:

1 |  Stay between 15-25 reps [unless you're doing full body weight exercises like pull-ups and push-ups, you can start lower with lower reps and work your way up]

2 |  The weight you're using should be challenging before or for sure by your 1/2 way point [example:  if you're doing 16 chest presses you should really be feeling that weight by rep 8]

3 |  Keep challenging yourself and progressing.  You can challenge yourself by changing angles, changing the speed of the movement, or increasing weight.  Make sure you have correct form before you increase weight.

4 |  Your body burns more calories the more muscles you're activating.  Upper body muscles are smaller, so when I'm training them I like to add in lower body or core activation to upper body exercises or in between sets for a greater calorie burn.

5 |  Try grouping muscle groups and training until fatigue for noticeable results.  For example in this workout I've included supersets for each muscle group.  Supersets are when you work the same muscle groups for multiple exercises in a row.

Enjoy the workout and your new found womanly strength!



-Slider Push-ups [place material that slides underneath both hands, and alternate sliding hand out to side as you do a push up.  Can modify on your knees]

sliding pushups
sliding pushups

-Medicine Ball Chest Pass [lay on bench or ball, chest facing up, and throw a weighted medicine ball up towards the ceiling, then catch it above your chest.  Make this movement quick and powerful]

medicine ball workout

-Resistance Band Chest Fly [can play with the height of the band working different parts of your chest]

resistance band exercise

*Cardio Burst:  Jump rope for 1 minute


-Isolated Bicep Curls [perform bicep curls on one side, while you hold the other hand at a 90 degree angle, in an isolated curl.  Perform for both sides]

bicep curl workout
bicep curl workout

-Jumping Chin-ups [palms facing you, still working Biceps.  Use a boss ball or a little step for assistance.  Use your legs to get your body up and then slowly lower down nice and controlled, using your Bicep muscles eccentrically]

chin ups exercise

-Resistance Band Bicep [face away from the band, holding handles at hip height.  Alternate expending each hand up and out like your serving a platter]

resistance band workout
resistance band workout

*Cardio Burst: Mountain Climbers for 1 minute


-Tricep Push-Ups on Medicine Ball [can modify on your knees.  Medicine ball causes you to activate your core while performing the push ups]

tricep pushups on medicine ball

-Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extensions [face away from band, holding both handles over head.  Elbows stay up as you extend your arms]

resistance band arm workout
resistance band arm workout

-Resistance Band Squat Jumps with Tricep Pull Downs [pull the band down at the top of your jump, focusing on your triceps doing the work.  Make these quick and powerful]

squat jumps

*Cardio Burst: High knees for 1 minute


-Front to Lateral Shoulder Raises

arm workout with weights
arm workout with weights

-Plank with Alternating Shoulder Taps [can put feet up on Stability Ball for a core challenge.  Try to keep your body stable as you lift each hand to touch the opposite shoulder]

plank on stability ball

-Over Head Medicine Ball Tosses [small movement, quick and powerful]

medicine ball arm workout

*Cardio Burst: Squat Jacks [touch floor between jumping jacks]

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