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Barcelona Spain Tour Guide

Barcelona Spain Tour Guide

A couple of summers ago, we were able to tour through Europe on a Mediterranean cruise with my family and it was such an incredible trip.  It was perfect timing because shortly after I became pregnant with our baby girl so it was kind of our last big trip while still being carefree newlyweds.  We spent a few days at the beginning of the trip in Barcelona and at the end and it was one of my favorite places in Europe.  All of the amazing architecture and history was incredible.  Here's some of our favorite sites and things to do while exploring Barcelona. 

Guide to Barcelona Spain


Rent bikes or scooters and ride around to see the city [we did both on different days and loved what we saw differently on each]

Sagrada Familia Temple [one of Gaudi's famous master pieces that is still in construction today]

The Plaza de Catdunya [this is the main square downtown with big fountains and restaurants around]

Walk down Los Ramblas [this is the main street where all the action is.  street vendors, cafes, shopping, they have it all]

Mercat de la Boqueria [this is on the Los Ramblas and it's the most amazing market I've ever seen with the most beautiful displays of candy, chocolates, fruit, seafood, and little stands to eat at]

Monument of Christopher Columbus [it's right on the sight where Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to America]

Arc de Triomf and the Zoo

indulge in some Chocolat con Churros

see the historic bullfighting arena [Madrid is the only place that still allows them]

go the beach [you can ride along the bike path, eat at cafes on the sand, play volleyball]

Casa Mila [another one of Gaudi's famous structures - right by an upscale shopping district]

Magic Fountains of Montjuic [one of my very favorite things we saw!  go at night just before sunset, they put on a whole water fountain show to music and it's incredible.  you can climb to the Olympic Stadium on top.  Also across the street is a mall with a great restaurant on the top with views of whole city]

[and don't forget to carry around lots of change because you have to pay to use the restroom wherever you go]

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