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HALO Bassinet and SleepSack

Now that it's been two months of having a newborn baby in our home, I feel like we are starting to get into a rhythm of things and the biggest part of that is having baby Rome on a schedule.  I know that life is crazy and everyday things are changing so it's impossible to have everyday the same, but with a flexible schedule and a predictable bedtime routine I think it will hopefully contribute to him sleeping through the night soon as well as a couple of my favorite new baby items that we've been loving.  The HALO Glide Bassinest and HALO SleepSack swaddle have truly been the best things!  Since we knew that we were going to keep the baby in our room for a little while until moving him into the nursery, we needed a bassinet that would be easy to use for him and this one has been our favorite by far compared to the other two we have.  I love that it doesn't take up much room and can easily glide right under the bed so that you have the baby close to you for feedings.  It can also raise up and down to accommodate the height of your bed, but the best part is the side of the bassinet that lowers for you to reach in and grab your baby.  It has really made things easy for me to feed him at night when you are so tired and can't pull yourself out of bed.  I would definitely recommend this to other moms who are expecting and want to find a great bassinet option for while their babies are little.  As part of his bedtime routine after feeding him he gets a bath while the other two kids are in their own tub and then I get him in jammies, turn on calm lullabies or the sound machine and wrap him up in the Halo SleepSack swaddle.  He knows it's time to sleep when I put the swaddle on and it has made things so much easier than just using a blanket to wrap him up.  He always seems to manage to get out of a regular swaddle blanket and it doesn't last through the night.  That's why I love this SleepSack so much because he stays wrapped up throughout the whole night and goes right back to sleep if he wakes up for a feeding.  I have used these SleepSacks with my other babies as well and it helped them transition into a crib plus it makes it easier for diaper changes this time around with the easy access zipper at the bottom now.  This wearable blanket would make a great gift for a baby shower and especially for a friend that already has most of the baby gear.  I love finding new items that help make your life as a mom so much easier!      

baby bassinet - c/o HALO | baby swaddle - c/o HALO | white bedding - anthropologie | bed - bernhardt | mirrored nightstand - anthropologie [similar] | lamps - hayneedle | blue dress - dwell & slumber

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For the Love of Mothers

For the Love of Mothers