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What to Bring to the Hospital

What to Bring to the Hospital

I've been working on getting this post together since the end of my pregnancy, but now that we are home after having our third baby in the hospital I feel like I can honestly say what you need or don't need in your hospital bag.  With our first baby, it was a lot of healing for my body in the hospital and figuring out what I was doing as a first time mom and everything that came with it.  I could have stayed at the hospital for a week because everyday was a crash course into motherhood with the best nurses to teach me and help take care of me and our new baby.  With our second baby, I felt a little bit like I knew what I was doing but still figuring out the differences in a boy versus a girl and getting to know our new little one.  I wore more of my own clothes in the hospital and knew better about what I'd want to wear home.  With our third time around, I felt like I was more just trying to get rest and soak up all the undivided time with our new baby because when we got home I would have two other ones to take care of.  I didn't get much help from the nurses and the baby was with us 24/7 rather than sending them to a nursery, but as much as I usually have really enjoyed my hospital stays I was really looking forward to going home this time and being in the comfort of our own home.  I really think you don't need much when it comes to packing your hospital bag, but there are a few things that I was really glad I had and it's nice to have everything ready to go because you never know when that time will come when you need to rush to the hospital.  And remember that when you leave the hospital you can take everything in your room with you such as all the baby supplies and any bathroom supplies that you need for yourself to help in the healing process, so be sure to stock up as you leave.     


carseat - maxi cosi mico max 30 | carseat cover - covered goods | hospital bag and diaper bag | baby journal - promptly journals | nursing friendly lounge dress | camera | nursing bra and tank top | baby nightgown | swaddle blankets - little unicorn | baby mittens and hat | going home outfit for baby - nordstrom

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you'll obviously need to bring your hospital registration forms if you didn't already pre-register on your hospital tour and you'll also need your drivers license and insurance card.  I loved having my babies journal there with me so when I had some down time I could sit and record the birth story while it was fresh in my mind.  It's also good to bring some PJs that are nursing friendly and a comfy robe that you can put on easily after nursing or when visitors show up because I feel like that first day you are mainly naked from doing skin-to-skin with your baby and nursing.  You will also want some cozy socks or slippers to walk around in and flip flops to easily put on when you go to the bathroom or if you take a shower.  I would also recommend toiletry items like a travel size body wash and lotion which will feel really good after rinsing off. I don't wash my hair at the hospital so instead I pack some dry shampoo to freshen it up.  A hand-mirror is another thing I really used this time because there weren't any mirrors in my hospital room and after a few days of not knowing what you look like, it's good to freshen up a little.  I also loved chapstick which a lot of friends told me to bring - I think because you are drinking so much water and a gift basket for the nurses and gifts for my kids to open from their new baby brother were top on my list.


Besides having the carseat already installed in your car with a cover that you can put over your baby if you are carrying the carseat inside somewhere, there are a few things I think are nice to have from home for your baby to make it special.  I packed a couple of nightgowns that had matching beanies and some cute swaddle blankets to make things a little more personal for my baby.  It's also fun to have your own sign that says your babies name to take pictures with after they are born or a banner to hang in your hospital room that says "Welcome Baby" and their name on it.  And don't forget to take as many pictures and videos as you can because these are moments that you will cherish forever and will want to look back on.  

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