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Whole Story Skincare Routine

Whole Story Skincare Routine

I’ve been so excited to share my new skincare routine with you guys, but I wanted to make sure I had been using all of the products for a while before I could give my honest feedback. Well the results are in and I’m in love with them! I keep reordering the products because I hate to run out of anything and want to keep using them every single day! This love didn’t come without being a sceptic first though. When I was introduced to Whole Story Skin by a friend I was really hesitant to try it out because I already liked the products I was using in my routine and I’m very picky about any beauty product I try. After hearing the story behind the company and a little more about the products [like how they’ve been developed for years but were never available directly to consumers until now] I decided to give it a-go. I then had the great opportunity to meet with one of the owners and it was fascinating. She was so fun to talk to and I just wanted to soak up all of the knowledge she had to share with me about their products and the work that goes into creating something this high of quality. They source the best ingredients from around the world and then they are cold pressed to preserve the quality while they are taken to their labs where the biochemist then work to create these amazing products that do wonders for your skin using years of research. And what I really love about their company even more than the actual products is that they are on a mission to change the conversation about skincare. They are sharing that skincare is for everyone not just women and that it’s as important as health and wellness. We spend so much time and effort perfecting our workout routine or eating a certain way, but how often do we talk about the daily things we can do to help our skin? We are such a quick fix society where everyone wants to go in and get a couple procedures done to keep looking young, but all of those things aren’t going to hold-up over time unless you are doing the little things daily that help your skin to look and feel it’s best. Your skin is with you forever so it’s definitely worth investing in.

I have laid out all of the steps for you that are in the morning routine below so that you can learn a little more about each product and see what makes each one of them so great. I know it can look like a lot when you first see all the products but it goes quickly as you are applying each one and the combination of them all is what will give you the best results. The nighttime routine is almost the same but instead you start with the cleanser, calming rinse on a cotton ball, hydrating mist, softening serum, and finish off with the night cream.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into these new products that I’ve been loving and am so happy to have as a part of my routine now. You can click on any of the links below to see more about what makes the products at Whole Story Skin so amazing. And I also have a treat for you because Whole Story has graciously offered a 20% off discount to all of my followers by using this link here or you can use code ‘WESTCOASTCAPRI’ at checkout.

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[I’ve told you guys before that this product is one of my very favorites! It feels so incredible on your skin and has helped my skin so much with restoring moisture and helping to give it a glow again. It also smells amazing, but not because of a fragrance they added - it’s made up of all natural botanical ingredients that help to restore your skin and gets through to the different layers. This is also an anti-inflammatory and has incredible antioxidant benefits. You moisturizer will absorb before onto your face thanks to this product.]


[This step has been named the most important thing you can do for your skin because it prevents aging by exfoliating the skin of those dead skin cells that build up and cause fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin tone and texture, and restores moisture to the skin. I put this on right after the serum and brushing my teeth in the morning and leave it on for 10 minutes while I drink my lemon water and meditate, pray, or stretch for the day before doing a workout.]


[after washing off the mask with water, I put the calming rinse on a cotton ball and rub over my entire face. This acts like a toner that you would put on after cleansing but it’s different. It calms the skin and helps remove anything extra on your face. I use this in both my morning and night routine and feel like it does the extra step of fully cleansing your face while calming your skin. My skin has some red areas that have showed up since being pregnant with my babies so I love how this helps to calm the skin and even out redness.]


[Next I spray this mist over my face a couple times and let it soak in a minute. This spray hydrates your skin at a cellular level and can rapidly repair damaged skin. I also learned it works great to spray on cuts or skin wounds to help the skin repair itself faster. You can also use it after a workout to rehydrate your skin which is so much better than splashing water on your face - that actually dries you out.]


[This is the lotion I put on my face after all of these steps and then my skin feels so soft and amazing. I love this moisturizer because it’s super lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy on my skin at all. It contains vitamin B and C to help produce collagen in the skin and help to lock that moisture into your skin.]


[I don’t put this product on everyday depending on what I’m doing, but if I’m getting ready then I usually put this on because it acts like a concealer and tinted moisturizer which I feel like preps your face good for makeup. This special cream helps to even your skin tone, reflect sunlight, and shield your skin from environmental damage. We’ve all heard that protecting your skin from the sun is the best thing you can do, so this product is a great one to have. I also love that you can use this on your kids for sun protection under their eyes]

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