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Hiking in LA

Hiking in LA

With the arrival of summer, it's the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and all the great hikes that L.A. has to offer.  One of my favorite things about living here is that we have the best of both worlds with the beautiful mountains and sandy beaches.  So I put together a list of the best hikes in L.A. and my must-have hiking gear for you to get out and have some fun.  Most of these hikes are pretty easy to moderate so don't feel like you have to be a serious hiker to enjoy these trails.  Don't forget to bring lots of water and wear sunscreen.  Hope you have a great weekend!

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HEART OF HOLLYWOOD HIKE  [This trail is Runyon Canyon Loop and is about 3 miles round-trip.  This is more of a trail walk, but it's a really fun hike with views of the famous Hollywood Sign]

GRIFFITH PARK TRAILS [There are so many great trails at Griffith Park and a lot of these spots have been in movies.  Bronson Canyon is a short hike to the "bat cave" which is actually a 50-foot long tunnel that was in the Batman TV series.  Griffith Observatory West Trail loop is about 2. miles and starts by the Fern Dell picnic area.  And another great hike here is the Brush Canyon Trail that is about 2 miles.]

FRANKLIN CANYON PARK [The Discovery Trail here is about a mile round-trip and takes you around the lake, but there are also other hikes here that are more advanced and have great views from West LA to the Ocean.]

WILACRE PARK [The Dearing Trail here is 2.5 miles round-trip and is located in Studio City and takes you into Coldwater Canyon Park, home of TreePeople.]

EATON CANYON WATERFALL HIKE [This trail is just under 4 miles and takes you to a 40-foot waterfall and is located just north of Pasadena.  You can also visit the Eaton Canyon Nature Center that has live animals on display, exhibits, and a visitors center as well as picnic areas and equestrian trails.]

WILL ROGERS STATE PARK TREK [The Rustic Canyon Loop/Inspiration Point Trail is about 6 miles round-trip and is near Santa Monica.  This area used to be a private ranch of a Hollywood Star so after your hike you can stroll around the park and enjoy a picnic on the massive lawn in from of the house.]

TOPANGA STATE PARK TREK [The Los Liones Trail to Parker Mesa Overlook is about 7 miles round-trip and one of my favorite hikes.  The views on top overlooking the coast are so beautiful.]

SOLSTICE CANYON HIKE [The Rising Sun Trail here is about 3 miles round-trip and is off the PCH in Malibu.  Depending on the time of year, you can see a waterfall pouring into a pool of rocks as the trail leads you to Tropical Terrace that has amazing ocean views.]

ESCONDIDO CANYON WATERFALL TREK [This trail is about 4.2 miles round-trip and ends at a waterfall which is my favorite hiking destination.  This canyon is just up the PCH from Santa Monica about 17 miles.  And if the weather is hot enough, you can jump in the pool beneath the fall to cool off before heading back down the trail.]

SANDSTONE PEAK [This is one of the more challenging hikes so it's best do it on a cooler summer day and earlier in the morning, but the reward is worth the effort because the view is amazing.  The Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak and Tri Peaks will take you to the highest point in the Santa Monica mountains with killer views of the ocean and Santa Monica Bay.]



Franklin Canyon

Fryman Canyon

Eagle Rock and Temescal Peak

Charmlee Wilderness Park

Switzer Falls

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