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How to Design the Perfect Playroom

How to Design the Perfect Playroom

January is usually a time of organizing and getting things back in order after the busy holiday season and if you have kids then you are probably trying to figure out where to put all the Christmas toys and how to keep everything together.  As Capri is getting older and her toys are getting bigger, I have started dreaming about a playroom for her that could have everything she needs and a place to keep it all together.  Whether you have a small space to use or a large room to fill up, you can make a playroom that every kid would love using these simple tips.

| STORAGE |  you have to have a place to put everything.  Part of the reason for having a playroom is so that you can store all of the toys and kids items together rather than having them spread all over the house so make sure to invest in storage.  Have baskets or containers for toys on the floor, bookshelves on the wall for all those stories, and cabinets or drawers for other items like board games, movies, a console for a TV to sit on and the DVD player or nintendo - whatever you plan on having in the room, just make sure there is a place to keep it in.  

| LEARNING SPACE |  it's important to create an area for your kids to be creative or to learn, such as a craft table or easel set up for painting or drawing or building puzzles and also a reading nook where they can get lost in a book.  Put your art supplies in small containers so that everything is easily accessible and easy for your kids to find.  They are more likely to play with items that are set out in front of them in an appealing way. 

| MAKE IT THEIR OWN |  have a place to display their art on the walls by a string with clips attached or a cork board to pin them on or go one step further and stick them in some frames on the wall.  A chalkboard wall is also a good idea and usually you can use magnets to stick artwork on the chalkboard as well.  Have personalized toys or items that are monogrammed just for them, or you can string a decorative banner with a saying or their name on it.  Having items for each of your children's interests is important because they are all so different and learn unique skills by a variety of items.

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-WALLS [corkboard, chalkboard, wood paneling, wallpaper, or painted]

-RUG [have a small area rug underneath a play table or in a sitting area, or if your room is small enough cover the whole room with a large 8'x10' rug in a fun pattern for the space]

-LIGHTING [put sconces on the wall next to a reading area or hang a light above the craft table or a teepee.  Have lamps on side tables or dressers that need the extra light]

-WINDOW TREATMENTS [I like the look of blinds for a playroom or shades that have a much sleeker look than hanging curtains.  Long drapes should be for the bedroom or more formal areas of the house but the playroom should have roman shades in a great color or pattern that go with the decor, and it's a great opportunity to bring in a fun fabric]

-TABLE & CHAIRS [have a small table where the kids can sit and do crafts or enjoy a snack.  You can also invest in a larger craft table with a paper roll installed on the side or drawers on the bottom for storage.  I think you can find a table to fit any budget whether it's a simple style from Ikea or a larger craft table from Pottery Barn Kids or RH Baby & Child]

-NOOK AREA [whether this is made up of a teepee or a tent, or maybe just some cushions and pillows, make a spot that creates a little gathering area for reading, relaxing, and playing.]

-PLAY TOYS [these are larger items that you can invest in more pieces as your child gets older such as a doll house, baby doll furniture and accessories, play kitchen, or puppet theater] 

-RIDING TOY [play car, rocking horse or stuffed animal, or scooter, kids love riding toys and something that is just their size.]

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