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Making Your Bathroom Beautiful

Making Your Bathroom Beautiful

Lately, we have been getting a lot of visitors and we love it!  There is nothing better than having family come and visit from home and getting to soak up their company.  It's even better when they stay with us because then we get even more time together.  But I am always trying to fix up our place to look nice before we have company and usually the first place I start is the bathrooms.  Since the powder bathroom is the room everyone goes into I want to make sure it is freshened up and there are a few things anyone can do to make their bathroom feel beautiful.  


First, I make sure I have pretty soaps set out.  I usually like a soap and lotion set in a little caddy that looks pretty on the counter and maybe some bar soaps as well.  I love the idea of monogrammed soaps set in a pretty glass jar because it gives that extra unique touch.  


Glass jars are a great way to organize items on your bathroom counter and they look pretty left out for display with soaps, sponges, cotton balls, q-tips, or bath salts.  


Next, I make sure I have a pretty candle in the room with a box of matches.  I am obsessed with candles and think they should be in every room.  A diffuser is also a great idea to make a bathroom always smell nice.  


My next must-have, is fresh flowers.  I have lots of different little vases on hand so I can easily pick up a small bunch of my favorite blooms and put them on the bathroom counter.  Flowers instantly make any room look better.  


I also think the walls should be pretty in a bathroom and if you can't put in wallpaper, then I think you shouldn't be afraid to buy some art for the walls - especially since everyone will see it.  


After getting art on the walls, I make sure I have a fresh set of towels and bath mats in the room.


I also love a pretty shower curtain because it can hide any ugly tile you may hate in your shower and can't change it yet.


If you are needing more storage space in your bathroom, then a freestanding shelf is a great way to go.   I love how you can move it around to any spot and things look pretty stacked and displayed on it.


I also have a small countertop mirror that you can leave out for guests to use when getting ready and need a small makeup mirror.  

If I had it my way, I would put in a gorgeous new vanity and wall sconces, but since we can't all do a full makeover, these tips will help you freshen up any space.

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