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Building Basics 101

Building Basics 101

Last week I gave an Interior Design presentation to a group of women in my church and it was so fun putting together all my favorite materials and the display, especially since I got this gorgeous new painting from this talented lady and I am obsessed with it.  [I'll share more about that later, but if you are looking for some gorgeous art, Ashley Hizer is your girl].  Since I gave some advice that night on my favorite ways to spruce up your home and what to do or not do, I thought I'd share some more today about my home building advice or just remodeling an old home.  I hope this inspires you today!


work out as many details as you can before you start digging.  Know what you want from the start and everything will go so much faster [not to mention mistakes can be costly].  There is no such thing as a too detailed floor plan.



Keep a book of your inspirations and ideas that you want in your home, or create a pinterest board with everything you want and love.  This will make it easier for the designer and architect to incorporate everything into the plans.  Take notes of other homes you adore to help you find your style.



Plan on adding 15% to your budget as a cushion because you will go over the original budget on unexpected expenses you can't see from the beginning.  Order extra tile and other materials that you may need to replace down the road.



Know what items to splurge on [such as fireplaces, wood floors, dimmers for all lighting] and when to save.  All materials don't have to be real, there are many countertops out there that look just as good as marble which is a favorite right now.


5 |   LOOK UP

Ceiling height is just as important as the square footage of the room, so don't forget to go for more height.  Go for taller doors as well, like 8-footers and you will get a more grand appeal.  You can also line up the tops of windows and doors to give you a more clean line around the room.



Closet organizing systems are worth every penny because otherwise you will just have a rod and shelf with lost of unused space.  When planning your house, find unused nooks and use them as storage.



There is nothing else that has the most immediate effect on a room as lighting.  It brightens up a space and adds detail, character, style, and eye-candy to a space.  The lighting in a room helps to set the mood faster than anything else; you can immediately set the style for traditional or modern just with one light.  When in doubt always go for more lighting, especially with ceiling cans.  And focus on the details, go with a square box instead of a round ceiling can.



Vintage-looking light fixtures and furniture add instant character to a new house and give the feel that it was collected over time rather than purchased all at once.  Look for statement pieces that add flair to each room and a look of the unexpected.  The importance of mixing old antique items with fresh new items from stores is that it gives your home the look that it was collected over time and not put together from a catalog over night.


9 |   MIX IT UP

You don't have to use the typical furniture layout for each room.  Try a loveseat as seating in the dining room or chaise lounges in the living room with ottomans on casters.  You need to be comfortable living in your space and feel like you have made it your own.



When putting the final touches to a home, it's the little details that really make the difference.  I have favorite items that I always try to find a spot for such as glass candy jars or candles, but my favorite are those hard to find items that are one-of-a-kind [like a piece of coral for the coffee table or crystal agate stone bookends].  I love mixing antiques into a modern setting and through my travels I try to find a stand-out decorative pillow or gorgeous coffee table book or unique knick-knack for the shelf that will make the home unlike any other.

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